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Dell EMC PowerStore all-flash data storage combines the best of cutting edge storage hardware with the simplicity and flexibility of modern software design

Midrange storage has for the past few years become a significant part of the enterprise storage strategy. The advantage of having a midrange system is that they are build-as-you-go storage systems enabling the addition of disks, controllers and software, as required.
This is certainly advantageous for organisations that start under small and medium scale as they can increase their storage devices as the company grows.
Dell EMC PowerStore is a midrange storage device that helps organizations provide the data-centric, intelligent and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads.
PowerStore provides data services that include remote application and snapshot utilities that enable administrators to create and move copies of data within single or multiple systems. But while these companies may face smaller budgets, they have the same needs as large enterprises for high performance, availability, data reduction, and other capabilities.

Multi-protocol storage

PowerStore is designed to support any workload by delivering multi-protocol Block, File and Virtual Volumes (vVOL) storage in a performance-optimised appliance.
These appliances support end-to-end nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) and can scale up and out when demands increase. PowerStore also delivers efficiency without compromise. PowerStore delivers enhanced resource utilization and performance that keeps pace with application and system growth.
PowerStore has two appliances one for Standard Deployment (T model) and Hypervisor Deployment (X model) to make your business more agile and prepared for change.
Arrow PC Network (Dell Technologies – Titanium Partner) Managing Director Gurpreet Singh said Dell Technologies, the leader in enterprise storage has an array of midrange storage devices.
“The midrange storage accelerates analytics performance up to 78% to support critical workloads like AI. It optimizes any workload and discovers the hidden value in the data,” said Gurpreet Singh.
Arrow PC Network (Dell Technologies – Titanium Partner) Managing Director Gurpreet Singh also said PowerStore’s unique advantages include new container-based architecture and AppsON capability, anytime upgrade program and more. While the midrange storage market did take a hit last year, it is ready to bounce back in 2021,” said ,  at

PowerStore solution

PowerStore Metro Node:
PowerStore Metro Node enables automated business continuity with zero RPO and RTO. Metro node provides greater flexibility through multi-platform support, workload granularity and replication to any array.
Metro node supports local configurations for continuous application availability, data mobility to non-disruptively relocate workloads and enables storage technology refresh without application downtime.
PowerStore for Microsoft SQL Server:
Microsoft SQL Server 2019 combined with the flexible storage foundation of Dell EMC PowerStore make data more actionable for insights, giving an agile, adaptable solution that will empower success throughout the data decade.
Enterprises have a wide variety of traditional and modern workloads. PowerStore makes it much simpler for the DBA to be able to deploy and manage new Microsoft SQL Server based applications, provide robust database protection, and implement a database re-purposing model.
PowerStore delivers consistent storage efficiency enabled by its in-line, always-on data reduction which includes pattern detection, de-duplication and compression.
PowerStore and for VMware:
VMware Cloud Foundation provides the simplest path to a hybrid cloud through an integrated software platform for both on- and off-premises integrated with purpose-built Dell EMC PowerStore.
Dell EMC PowerStore is built with VMware in mind and natively integrates into VMware management frameworks making it easy for VMware administrators to manage storage and improve their efficiency.

Independent scaling

PowerStore embodies Dell Technologies’ learning from decades of working with VMware around storage platforms. It provides independent scaling of storage performance and storage capacity.
Arrow PC Network is the hybrid SI & solution provider and Dell Titanium Partner. Arrow provides services/solutions in key technology areas such as System Integration, Data Centers, Backup, Storage, Cloud Computing, Data Security, Software, Mobility, Virtualization, Wireless, Power Solutions and Networking.
With advanced technology capabilities, the company has managed to deliver comprehensive solutions and service to customers across India. The company assists organizations design, develop and deliver cost-effective technology-enabled solutions that allow them to achieve high efficiency and performance.
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