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Bengaluru, NFAPost: SmarterBiz Technologies has launched India’s first Remote Workforce Marketplace called “VOIZ” for enabling superior Customer Experience (CX) in the future. As part of this move, the company provides large and medium enterprises with its SaaS-based suite of products defining technology segment called Next Generation CX as a Service (NGCXaaS) for omnichannel customer interaction management.

The SmarterBiz suite of products use a set of IPR-led technology capabilities that include AI-enabled Intelligent classification and distribution workflow management, advanced vision and audio processing, analytics & dashboarding.

India’s first remote workforce marketplace for customer support & telesales

With its official launch of VOIZ, SmarterBiz aims to prepare the CX space for the gig economy. Built on the innate capabilities of the SmarterBiz suite of products, VOIZ brings together companies, contact centres and remote workforce for CX delivery related to customer support, technical support, chat support, email support, telesales and telemarketing.

VOIZ – The enabler for the gig economy and job creation

The post-pandemic business landscape looks considerably different. Now, organizations understand that having a remote workforce alongside their mainstream workforce offers immense benefits both functionally & economically plus a range of possibilities to scale their business.

Through 2020, several companies launched gig/remote workforce platforms for white collared jobs such as designing, software development, digital marketing, content writing, accounting, teaching, etc. While these platforms have found reasonable success, they are restricted to only certain job categories that require specialised skill sets.

The broader and more widely available generic talent pool, like the stay-at-home mom/dads, people amid career breaks, retired professionals, moonlighters, students etc., remains unemployed. They do not possess one of the ‘specialised skills’ required to land work on these platforms.

This is the exact talent pool, VOIZ is looking to bring on board by offering them ‘easy to do’ customer support & telesales jobs in the CX (customer experience) industry. Freshers to retired, across any educational qualification and domain experience, anyone with English proficiency can be up-skilled in no time to land a CX job.

VOIZ is bringing this segment into play via short format jobs related to customer support, technical support, chat support, email support, telesales & telemarketing. It connects businesses and contact centres with a remote workforce that is skilled and readily employable for customer support and telesales work.

VOIZ, the first to launch a marketplace for CX (customer experience) could potentially offer remote work to thousands of people and transform the entire white-collared gig economy space.

VOIZ’s Unique Capabilities

It has evolved to handle the bigger challenges in the remote workforce models such as team collaboration, performance monitoring and governance by implementing technology and tools blended into one seamless, powerful remote workforce platform, the very constraints because of which the entire CX industry was indecisive on adopting remote work.

With VOIZ, companies can now hire, onboard, train, manage productivity, audit quality and the entire lifecycle of the gig workforce in a single platform through a self-service or a managed service model. In the former, companies manage their CX process in-house and in the latter, companies can have one of the VOIZ pre-approved contact centres manage their CX process. VOIZ enables companies to cut the contact centre operations costs by up to 40%, increase scalability by up to 10X, manage seasonal demand and business continuity plans seamlessly.

Vineet Patil, the Chief of Business says “CX delivery at VOIZ is completely commoditized with the help of technology. A remote CX professional on VOIZ can resolve a customer issue working from the comfort of their home or anywhere else.”

“Companies and contact centres can now hire a highly scalable and quality workforce that costs less, is easy to manage and delivers an outstanding customer experience. I am happy to be at the forefront of this democratization,” he explains.

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