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As of 2021, Christopher C. Lee has been accepted into the worldwide hall of fame of top international photographers, and is currently the youngest photographer from San Francisco to do so as of late.

San Francisco, NFAPost: Seeing the world with a total paradigm shift can be achieved through the camera lens. To view our immediate reality in its full beauty, striking colors, life, and most of all, its bare, fundamental humanity, is the primary mission for San Franciscan photographer Christopher C. Lee. To him, photography is more than a medium for art and expression, but an immersive engagement of the mind.

It brings an appreciation and joy to the esoteric and the unique, and this passion to capture it all, has motivated his craft in powerful ways.

He founded Photomochi Studio ( in 2007 and has furthered his world-class photography to redefine new standards in the medium. His specialty: bringing out the beauty and spirit of his subjects.

Christopher C. Lee has exhibited his boundless artistry and has honed his craft to show his immeasurable capabilities throughout the years. It’s not hard to see why Lee is so famous. His attention to detail and creativity has earned him numerous clients and over several hundred thousand followers on Instagram (

Fashion and street photographer

He started as an underground fashion and street photographer and rose to fame quickly as a result of his prolific work. He views the world with empathy and an eye for modern design which has given him the multifaceted approach needed for marketing businesses and art professionals.

Christopher C. Lee has repeatedly proven that he has a one-of-a-kind ability to handle the camera with his profound creative direction, in a way that expresses his own iconic style.

Christopher C. Lee’s accomplishments are well-known (, working alongside major tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as jewelry and fashion brands.

He will sometimes do joint projects with other artists too. His most recent collaboration was on a superhero-themed art project alongside the illustrator Warrick Wong. He also has exhibited his expertise in car photography with Porsche and Bring A Trailer as major clients.

With great visual imagery for Swarovski and Honey Birdette, he has definitely utilized his commercial fashion photography skills to bring out the best in these big brands.

Portraiture ability

Scrumptious food photography has been demonstrated through his work with Doordash as well, and his event photography and portraiture ability has led to many additions to his achievements by photographing countless start-ups’ team & office activities and headshots.

His corporate photography work featuring Vitalik Buterin from the Ethereum Foundation and Balaji Srinivasan from Coinbase with their Blockchain conferences, shined through in ETH San Francisco, the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon.

With so many years of professional photography under Christopher’s belt and working alongside tech companies like Microsoft and Google, he has earned the nickname “The Crown Jewel Photographer of Silicon Valley”.

While his photography achievements are highly lauded, his down-to-earth personality has earned him the respect and the love of those who work with him amongst his crew. Even though he has been featured in top media outlets such as Yahoo, Bloomberg, and even Forbes, Christopher C. Lee’s character remains straightforward and honest.

Creative world

With a resume of life experience that is as boundless and strong as his photography portfolio, Christopher C. Lee is more than a photographer but an individual who explores and pushes the creative world to new heights.

His work with businesses and other creatives has garnered him a legendary reputation in San Francisco and earned him accolades internationally. With accreditations through the Professional Photographers Association and the New York Institute of Photography, Christopher C. Lee portfolio of images, projects, and certifications speak for themselves.

As of 2021, Christopher C. Lee has been accepted into the worldwide hall of fame of top international photographers, and is currently the youngest member from the San Francisco photographer organizations to do so in the last several years.

Official Contact:
Name: Christopher C. Lee
Phone: 1-415-289-9644

(The source of the news is Globe Newswire)

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