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Bengaluru, NFAPost: CO2Meter is expanding its market reach with the distribution of Aranet indoor air quality (CO2) monitors to effectively eliminate airborne transmission of viruses.

CO2Meter to Distribute Aranet Wireless Indoor Air Quality monitors to mitigate viruses indoors for Homes, Offices, and Classrooms

CO2Meter Partners with IoT Innovator SAF Tehnika, one of the leading service providers in gas detection technology, has announced a new partnership with a major IoT innovator, SAF Tehnika, to distribute Aranet devices in North America.

Importance of Measuring CO2 Concentrations Indoors

A recently published study clearly explains the importance of measuring CO2 concentrations indoors as a means of diminishing the spread of COVID-19. This has boosted the research interests for accurate, repeatable, and reliable IAQ devices.

“Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and indoor air quality monitoring has become a vital part in understanding and mitigating viruses like COVID-19. CO2Meter’s market-leading experience with CO2 and sensors, combined with Aranet’s industry-leading expertise in communication and IoT, allows our partnership to seamlessly provide solutions to schools, families, and businesses increasing our market share in the IAQ space,” noted Travis Lenander, CO2Meter’s CEO.

Ever since its launch in 2006, CO2Meter has continually focused on its mission to educate customers about gas detection while providing cutting-edge sensing solutions for industries worldwide.


CO2Meter is recognized globally as a pioneer in gas detection, monitoring, and analytical devices as it provides unique solutions to exceed its customers’ needs and expectations.

CO2Meter’s diverse markets include hospitality and restaurants, breweries and wineries, indoor agriculture, fire suppression, indoor air quality, welding, and research labs across medical and scientific communities.

SAF Tehnika

SAF Tehnika, the manufacturer of Aranet IoT systems, is recognized globally for its expertise in modern wireless data transmission technologies including point-to-point microwave data transmission.

Headquartered in Northern Europe, SAF Tehnika has become a global company covering multiple markets and deploying its products in more than 100 countries worldwide.

“Aranet chose to partner with CO2Meter specifically due to their expertise in gas detection and CO2 monitoring, paired with excellent customer service and an intuitive, easy to use, e-commerce site.” concludes, Mathew Drinker, Sales Manager at Aranet.

Aranet CO2 Monitoring Devices

The relationship will launch with the Aranet4 smart carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring devices, known as Aranet4 HOME and Aranet4 Pro. The Aranet4 line is designed to take and report to the free Aranet smartphone app for quick, easy, and accurate CO2, temperature, relative humidity, and pressure measurements that provide accurate information about indoor air quality conditions.

Businesses, universities, and homes are challenged with improving air quality in indoor enclosed spaces. Combined with the current concern about air quality during the COVID-19 pandemic – the need for reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use CO2 measurements is at an all-time high.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Additionally, many studies around the COVID-19 virus have discussed that it is 20 times easier to get infected indoors than outdoors. Combining Aranet’s revolutionary communication capabilities with an indoor air quality sensor allows CO2Meter to offer an indoor air quality solution that allows our customers to have healthier work, home, and education spaces.

“CO2Meter decided to partner with Aranet due to their extensive experience in communication and data transmission now paired with their innovative wireless sensor network which exceeds market expectations for indoor air quality monitoring.”, offered Lenander.

“We have always been viewed as the “go-to-source” in gas detection and we continue to further that commitment in the IAQ market by partnering with Aranet”.

For more information contact CO2Meter at The full SAF Tehnika Aranetindoor air quality line is now directly available from

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