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Mumbai, NFAPost: IBM and Tech Mahindra have joined forces to develop solutions for clients which have the potential to generate $1 billion in revenue over the next three years.

Both the companies for over two decades are involved in a global partnership and will work on five focus areas which include 5G, automation, hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, data and artificial intelligence (AI).

The partnership is aimed at expanding access to more clients, thus increasing the overall size of the market.

According to C.P. Gurnani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director, Tech Mahindra, around 40% of the revenue will come from telecommunications and 5G, powered by the hybrid cloud, while 60% will be from other industries.

“It is about driving a smaller share of a much bigger market as they bring in the innovation, capabilities, and expertise of all of us to solve problems for our clients,” said Arvind Krishna, CEO, IBM.

“The Indian market is really vibrant. Remote delivery is going to offer Indian companies a great ability to expand their market share globally. That implies they have to think about their digitization infrastructure and that is an opportunity for all of us,” Krishna said.

Both the companies will also together invest in centres of excellence and innovation centres in India, South Asia, and the US.

The longstanding global partnership between Tech Mahindra and IBM has also led to the development of solutions by leveraging IBM’s blockchain, data and artificial intelligence, and security capabilities.

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