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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Draganfly Inc., an award-winning drone solutions and systems developer, today announced that it will provide drones with Vital Intelligence detection AI technology for integration with the patent-pending iDENT Mobile Onsight Detection Systems (MODS) offered by Limitless Integrations LLC.

iDENT MODS Platform Features

The iDENT MODS platform is a self-contained turn-key entrance gateway designed to be rapidly deployed to locations requiring secure high throughput flow with instant secure access into any venue. The iDENT MODS can be utilized at festivals, worksites, military security perimeters, emergency response locations, and any scenario with high traffic volumes that require instant security.

With over 25 years of experience, Limitless Integrations offers its clients high-quality, reliable commercial and industrial physical security and health safety solutions. These solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of venues and facilities of any size.

Draganfly Real World Applications

Draganfly will provide drones, tethered or otherwise for observation and threat detection for the perimeters where the Limitless iDENT MODS platforms are being utilized. The software on the drones can be used for general observation and security including possible weapons detection.

“Draganfly will provide the perfect partnership in enabling our MODS units to have a thorough screening process by way of their Vita Intelligence Technology delivered by drones,” said TJ Dooley CEO and co-founder of Limitless Integrations.

“The technology solution that Draganfly offers will enhance the ability for our clients across a multitude of industries to provide a safe experience.”

“Draganfly is honored to have its technology and drones integrated into the incredible Limitless iDENT MODS platform. Helping provide the ability to securely and safely open venues or critical locations such as emergency response scenarios.”

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