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Technology aggregator iValue InfoSolutions has announced its association with CryptoMill Technologies, a company focused on providing advanced data security solutions for large enterprises and cloud environments.

iValue provides a myriad of solutions in terms of data protection and these solutions have now become the most sought after by enterprises due to the change in the work environment from traditional to remote working.

The solutions not only optimise the team’s productivity but also help them work securely. The teaming of iValue and CryptoMill will be an added advantage to the customers who are looking for newer security solutions and data security tops the list.

Commenting on the new launch, iValue InfoSolutions National Business Manager Nagendra Bhaskar said traditional encryption does not persist on the file level when data is at rest.

“Typically, data at rest is protected with a “secure” barrier or firewall. This may be easily bypassed by malicious individuals thereby leaving sensitive documents stored on email, or other servers, vulnerable to threats (internal & external). With Circles of Trust™ encryption persists on the file level meaning that all data at rest remains encrypted, thus completely secure in the event of a data breach,” said Nagendra Bhaskar.

He also pointed out that iValue’s partnership with CryptoMill is another step towards bringing solutions for its partners and customers.

iValue’s focus is to help organisations in efficient digital transformation and help adopt a secure and powerful WFH solution and with digital transformation comes the concern about data security.

“As the Covid-19 pandemic is causing enormous social disruption, economic hardship and tragic loss of life, this is the time to step up and demonstrate Inspirational Leadership. Each one of us must play our part and stand up fearlessly against cybercriminals and do what is needed to protect all that is sacred to our work and our country,” CryptoMill Cybersecurity Solutions President & CEO Nandini Jolly.

CryptoMill Technologies has data security platform products that aim to simplify and attain scale in large enterprises, and hybrid and mixed cloud environments, efficiently with minimal disruption. Advanced transparent encryption, powerful access controls and a lightweight centralised key management lets organisations encrypt everything.

The three data security solutions by CryptoMill are:

Circles of Trust: Circles of Trust is an enterprise security software system that eliminates the risks associated with leaked assets and data breaches resulting from inadvertent copying, hacker attacks on network, cloud, emails, or data leaks through lost and stolen devices.

CODA: It is a web-based sharing and collaboration platform with built-in security and privacy. It is independent of applications and data formats, interoperable across different domains and IT jurisdictions. With always-on encryption, companies can easily extend their security policies to external parties, while maintaining control over data on endpoints, cloud and mobile devices. Access can be revoked any time no matter where it resides, providing true need-to-know enforcement and a complete holistic data security solution.

SEAhawk: SEAhawk data security products are the ideal security solution to protect sensitive data anywhere in your organisation and against data leakage or loss. It can be easily installed on Windows-based laptops, notebooks, desktops or servers and provides additional security for USB thumb drives, Firewire, any other external storage device recognized by Windows and more. Risks of data breaches due to loss of theft can be eliminated.

iValue has a direct partnership with over 35 “Best of Breed” OEM’s with 7,000 Customers through over 700 partners. iValue has a direct presence across 13 locations in multiple continents, with channel, solution, vertical & horizontal focused teams, addressing pre-sales, sales & post sales needs of Customer, Consultants & Partner for Private, Public and Hybrid cloud needs. Apart from India, iValue overseas presence includes Nairobi, Kenya office for Africa foray.

iValue has been growing consistently at  4 times market growth rates, at 50% CAGR for the last 12 years.

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