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Amritsar, NFA Post: Inspired by Marvel’s super heroes, TVS Motor Company has launched TVS NTORQ 125 SuperSquad Edition in Nepal.

The company has associated with Disney India’s consumer products business to introduce this special edition, which is Nepal’s first Bluetooth connected scooter, it said in a statement.

The SuperSquad Edition will comprise three new enticing offerings, namely Invincible Red, Stealth Black, and Combat Blue inspired by Iron Man, Black Panther, and Captain America, respectively, the company said.

The edition brings forth finer nuances associated with each Marvel Super Hero through the product design, it added.

The SuperSquad logo and the iconic Avenger’s ‘A’ are prominently placed on the front panel, leg shield, and below the speedometer.

“Since its launch in Nepal, TVS NTORQ 125 has won the hearts of Gen Z customers by offering unparalleled style, superior racing-inspired performance, and first-of-its-kind Bluetooth technology. We continue to evolve and seek to delight our new-generation customers for whom Marvel Universe is a strong affinity area… We are sure that the SuperSquad Edition will be a blockbuster!” said R. Dilip, executive vice president – International Business, TVS Motor Company.

Stealth Black

Inspired by Black Panther, this edition packs in the jet-black colour along with hues of purple. The scooter sports elements from the Black Panther suit as a large part of the decals.

For enthusiasts, it packs more surprises with the signature salute Wakanda Forever and the inclusion of the number 66 (1966), denoting the year when the character was introduced in the Marvel Universe.

Invincible Red

Inspired by Iron Man, the decals replicate his Red and Gold suit giving it a stellar look. The Iron Man helmet is embossed on the leg shield, while the arc reactor finds its way to both panels.

Enthusiasts will be delighted with the Mark XXIX encryption on both panels which signifies Fiddler, Iron Man’s 29 th suit, along with the number 63 (1963) indicating the year when the character was introduced in the Marvel Universe.

Combat Blue

Inspired by Captain America, the scooter gets the blue, white, red colour tone associated with the First Avenger. True to the character, it sports the number 41 (1941), the year when Captain America was introduced in the Marvel Universe.

The shield is at the front of the scooter and the edition flaunts Super Soldier on both panels with pride.

The company said that the TVS Connect App of the SuperSquad Edition is powered by SmartXonnect that will come with customised user interface (UI), inspired by the characters.

The app opens with the silhouette of the respective characters and then important elements such as Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s suit and Black Panther’s eyes along with the character crest are consistent across the app interface, the company added.

Each app screen is crafted with a unique character trait of the selected Super Hero, making it a complete Marvel experience, TVS Motor Company said.

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