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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Panasonic India has announced the expansion of its Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled connected-living platform Miraie. It has launched connected refrigerator, washing machine, Wi-Fi fan, ROMA smart digital switches and smart Wi-Fi controller plugs and switches on the platform.

According to the company release, these new models are an addition to the first generation of Miraie connected products including connected Air Conditioners (AC), smart door phones, Zigbee plugs & switches, which were introduced in 2020. The Miraie platform can be operated via voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for more flexibility in operations.

The new range of Miraie appliances will be available across Panasonic brand shops, large format retail outlets and online platforms from next week onwards.

Speaking at the launch, Panasonic India and South Asia President & CEO Manish Sharma said the consumer durable industry is at the cusp of a massive technological revolution due to the pandemic that has pushed the adoption of IoT enabled appliances faster.

“The concept of ‘home as the new hub’ is here to stay, compelling consumers to upgrade their living spaces to ensure comfort and safety.  And the expansion of Miraie is a testament to our commitment to providing smart capabilities aligned to the evolved aspirations of our consumers,” said President & CEO Manish Sharma.

He also pointed out that the company is looking to democratize technology and with Miraie. “We aim to bring down the total cost of ownership as the platform sends users regular notifications for servicing requirements driving optimum output and efficient performance over time,” he said.

Reflecting the true spirit of India, Manish Sharma said Miraie offerings bring Panasonic a step closer to the Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. “We are focused on expanding manufacturing, and building scale for electronics manufacturing in India guided by our innovation and spatial solutions strategy,” said Manish Sharma.

Miraie has been indigenously conceptualised, designed, and manufactured by Panasonic’s India Innovation Centre, and stands tall to the commitment of building manufacturing excellence in India. The home-grown Miraie application has also now been introduced for Smart Android TVs and is made available in Hindi, Tamil languages with Telugu, Marathi and Bengali to be added soon, to make connected living adoption inclusive and empower customer experience. Miraie platform also received the prestigious Red Dot Award for Brand & Communication Design with Analogy Design.  

Speaking on the company’s ambitious plans for the country, Panasonic Life Solutions India Joint Managing Director Dinesh Aggarwal said that there is a rise in demand for smart and connected appliances.

“We are aligned with commercial and residential developers. So, we can understand everyone’s needs. With these solutions one can really control their devices from anywhere. You could switch on your washing machine using your mobile phone or keep the heater ready at a particular temperature,” said Dinesh Aggarwal.

Panasonic Life Solutions, which is an arm of Panasonic, sells products like switchgear, wires and lighting solutions and is also developing products for the home automation segment.

The new range of connected products have been developed after carefully understanding the distinct consumer requirements and preferences. As per syndicated research commissioned by Panasonic, over 56% of consumers aspire to purchase an IoT enabled Refrigerator and 39% of consumers showed interest in an IoT enabled Washing Machine with comfort, convenience, and safety being the biggest drivers of demand.

Also, according to a research by IFMA (Indian Fan manufacturing association), 43% of consumers desire to purchase IoT enabled smart fans for the ease of use andvalue added benefit of connectivity. The ongoing pandemic has led to a surge in need for tech-enabled solutions as consumers stay home longer, spurring the growth for smart and connected home appliances.  

Dinesh Aggarwal said that the idea was to bring in more appliances to this IoT/AI platform. “The smart solutions are not just restricted to Panasonic appliances and can be used by other brand customers as well. The price difference between regular appliances and connected appliances would be less than 10 percent,” said Dinesh Aggarwal.

Panasonic Life Solutions India Joint Managing Director also pointed out that the company is working on three large apartment projects across India and also a hotel in Lucknow to offer these home automation smart solutions. “Panazonic’s idea is to democratise home automation solutions so that price is not a factor dissuading customers from purchasing these products,” said Dinesh Aggarwal.

Panasonic’s new range of IoT-enabled appliances come with features like notification alerts of wash cycle basis weather conditions to setting customised wash programs as favourites in washing machines. There will be diagnosis mode in refrigerators to get updates of the refrigerator door, freezer door.


Connected Refrigerator   

  • Remote temperature control – control refrigerator and freezer temperature remotely using Miraie app 
  • Mode selection – quickly select child lock and different refrigerator modes like fast freezing, etc. 
  • Updates and alerts – get information on the status of the refrigerator door, freezer door, ambient temperature and power supply  

Connected Washing Machine  

  • Displays information in Mobile App  – get information on the current wash cycle, time remaining and power supply 
  • Customised settings – create and set customised wash programs as favourites for quick selection  
  • Wash Wizard to get recommendations for best wash quality based on type of clothes and soil level of clothes  
  • Timely reminder – get reminders with instructions for periodic cleaning of washing machine parts such as drain filter, drum, and lint filter (recommendation of drum self-clean once in every 60 washes) 

IoT WIFI Fans  

  • AI mode – Manages AC and Fan together in the room by optimizing power consumption and enhancing comfort. 
  • Speed control – change the speed and mode via the Miraie app  
  • On/off timer – set the time to switch the fan on/off  
  • Temperature reading – easily find out the room’s temperature using Miraie app 

ROMA Smart digital lights & blinds  

  • Control Fans and Lights 
  • Mood setting – switch between different ambient lighting colors as per one’s mood 
  • Dim lighting – Adjust the room brightness as per need 
  • Control blinds through the Miraie app  

Smart WiFi Controller (Switch and Plug)  

  • WiFi enabling – make existing switches wifi enabled and manage switches across all rooms through the Miraie app 
  • Easy switching – control the on/off status of devices via switches and plugs  
  • Accessibility – control features through Alexa or Google Home  
  • Staying alerts – receive alerts on a smartphone from motion detection  
  • Setting names – rename switches as per the appliances attached  

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