Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik after unveiling PiMo at IIT Madras.
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IIT Madras-Incubated Startup Pi Beam has launched an Electric Two-Wheeler that can charge faster than a smartphone and comes with a range of 50 kms. Called ‘PiMo,’ this e-bike is targeted towards personal and commercial needs.

PiMo does not require license or registrationand offers green and easy mobility on Indian roads. As much as 90 % of PiMo’s product components, including the crucial batteries and controllers, are manufactured in India, thus being one of the few EVs in the local market to thoroughly embody the Make in India spirit. Pi Beam aims to sell 10,000 vehicles by the end of next financial year (2021-22).

PiMo was launched at the IIT Madras Research Park here in the presence of Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik, IIT Madras Director Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, IIT Madras Research Park Professor In-Charge Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala and Pi Beam Electric CEO Visakh Sasikumar.

Dinesh Karthik said, “Efficiency is the key to success in sports as well as in transportation. A startup launching a product with limited resources in hand reminds me of the incredible win our Indian team had in Australia. I am excited to be part of the Pi Beam team to launch PiMo, the new-age stylish EV made in India and customised for Indian roads.”

PiMo is positioned between an electric bicycle and entry level electric scooter, offering a top speed of 25 kmph. Compared to the electric bicycle category, it provides higher travel range, and its ride comfort is far superior thanks to its dual suspension at the rear and larger and ergonomically designed seats. It also offers a ‘Battery Swapping’ Technology, through which a drained battery can be exchanged for a fully charged battery at designated locations.

Founded by an IIT Madras Alumnus, Visakh Sasikumar, an Industrial Engineering graduate with an MS in Entrepreneurial Studies, Pi-Beam has already gained over 100 initial customers within weeks of opening preorders from customers across age groups, from both rural and urban geographies.

IIT Madras Director Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi said, “Pi Beam incubated at IIT Madras has been prolific in coming out with affordable EV products for different utility applications. Now they have brought out an exciting e-bike PiMo which addresses a much larger user base, with a focus on emerging markets such as ecommerce delivery, shared mobility and so on.”

PiBeam has three other products:

  • E-Trike: Pi-Beam became the first in the country to design a geared three-wheeler with pedal assist.
  • E-Kart: A purely electric vehicle with cloud connectivity and in-built sensors for data capturing.
  • E-Auto: A more sophisticated version of the E-Kart, the E-Auto uses a PMSM motor and is adopted for Passenger Transportation and commercial logistics. A robust and high speed vehicle, it has an impressive load carrying capacity of 600 kg.

The PiMo utility bike is designed for people of all ages. School and college goers will find that PiMo is an upgrade from a pedalled bicycle, with the added bonus of not needing a driver’s licence. Speedier than a cycle, it presents a cost-effective, safe and attractive option for young adults enamoured of motorcycles. For adults, PiMo is a sleek and easy alternative to cars and motorbikes for daily commutes to work or a quick grocery run.

Pi Beam Electric CEO Visakh Sasikumar said, “Pi Beam Electric aims to provide end-to-end micro-mobility solutions for logistics and transportation. We are a bunch of passionate people who believe the micro-mobility market is the future. Small and efficient EVs designed around utility and which are affordable are going to reimagine the way people think about EVs. We have sold over hundreds of Electric Trikes in the market, for purposes ranging from waste management to ecommerce deliveries.”

For the older customers, PiMo allows safe, independent mobility at speeds lower than that of a motorbike. It greatly reduces the risks normally associated with driving two-wheelers, enabling continued independence for this age group. The aerodynamic frame of PiMo is offset by a comfortable seat, which is much more accommodating than cycle seats. Its comfort factor is enhanced by the swing arm mechanism and dual shock absorbers, which ensure a smoother ride, it said.

Pi Beam Advisor and Investor-Director Manu Iyer said, “Pi Beam’s PiMo, having 90% of components manufactured in India, is a stylishly designed 2-Wheeler offering a range of 50Kms on a single charge with a top speed of 25 Km/Hr. PiMo should be the catalyst to kickstart a revolution in converting all intra-city mobility in India to Lithium based electric from fossil fuels, while fulfilling our PM’s vision of being Atma Nirbhar.”

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