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Mumbai, NFAPost: The first two weeks of February are going to be BIG on KhelPlay Rummy. The “Mega Rummy Bonanza” begins on 1st February and will run till 14th February. The total giveaways for this Mega Offer amount is Rs.50,00,000*.

Mega Rummy Bonanza - Khelplay Rummy (PRNewsfoto/Khel Group)

Mega Rummy Bonanza will begin with the “Fabulous Feb Bonus Offer” where Rummy Players will get a handsome 20% Bonus on their Deposit amount. This Offer will run for 5 days from 1st to 5th February. From 6th February onwards, Rummy Players will get to avail different exciting Offers every day till the climax of Mega Rummy Bonanza on 14th February.

There are Instant Cash Offers, Bonus Offers, Rakeback Offers and a lot more. On some days, Players will get to avail more than one Offer too! These Offers are surely going to fuel the Rummy Players to play more and ask for more. A Login Cash Offer will run daily in the 2nd week where Players will get FREE Cash just for logging in to KhelPlay Rummy! VIP Players have a special Login Offer in store for them.

The final day of Mega Rummy Bonanza is the star attraction. On Valentine’s Day, Rummy Players will get a Bonus Offer and a chance to play in the Valentine Special Freeroll. A huge Prize money for this Tournament will attract Rummy Players from across the country to flock in on KhelPlay Rummy at the scheduled start time of the Tournament.

This Bonanza from KhelPlay Rummy is ‘Mega’ in its true sense and is going to give a varied and a rich experience of Indian Rummy to the Players every single day. So, if you are not on KhelPlay Rummy yet, do register, deposit and play during the Mega Rummy Bonanza on KhelPlay Rummy.

Khel Group is a popular gaming company that offers Rummy and Fantasy games. They attract gaming enthusiasts from all age groups with high level skill based online games. They believe in transparency, high quality, confidentiality and trusted user experience.

Khel Group offers its Players every possible format of Indian Rummy games like 10 cards Rummy, 13 cards Rummy, 21 cards Rummy and 27 cards Rummy. Along with Rummy, they are now all set to rule the field of Fantasy Cricket.

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