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The leading carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchange (IX) operator on the Indian sub-continent, DE-CIX India, has announced the expansion of its points of presence (PoPs) in the national as well as financial capital. In addition to its 11 PoPs across the country, DE-CIX has now deployed 4 new PoPs within Web Werks Delhi NCR, Sify Noida, and Netmagic DC6, Netmagic DC7.

DE-CIX India interconnects 310+ networks and is the only Open-IX certified IX in India, operating the industry’s most robust and advanced peering platform. In the last 10 months DE-CIX India has experienced a 192% increase in overall traffic. Data traffic due to video conferencing has increased by 397%, while gaming and OTT have increased by 1317% and 1007% respectively.

The Internet has coped amazingly well throughout the pandemic, and the 4 new PoPs in this premium network interconnection platform will give customers access to world-class peering and interconnection services.

DE-CIX India Senior Vice President and National Head Sudhir Kunder said with networks designed for scalability, adaptability, virtualisation and automation, the company embarked on this expansion for members.

“We are able to bring a lot of Internet content closer to our members from across the country. And now, we have the opportunity to bring the content from around the world closer. By announcing these four very important Internet Exchange locations for DE-CIX, we will have our key markets fortified for interconnectivity solutions,” says Sudhir Kunder.

He further added the company always believe that having great ideas is good, but execution is of paramount importance.

“In the last 12 months at DEC-IX India, we have unambiguously demonstrated to the industry how we have significantly impacted and redefined the market, such that we have become the market share leader with a customer base of 310+. I am confident that the coming two quarters will see DEC-IX India achieve an unassailable lead not only in India, but in the APAC region as a whole,” said Sudhir Kunder.

India is a strong digital economy and there is a growing demand for interconnection services. With peak traffic doubling in the last 12 months, DE-CIX India has now increased its geographical presence with a total of 15 Data Centers in India. These new PoPs will serve local eyeballs and key enterprises across the country.

Additionally, DE-CIX India has launched its DirectCLOUD service, to enable customers to access the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange and connect to global cloud services, including those provided by Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

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