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Bhutan ISP improves customer experience and looks to the public cloud with a long-term strategic partnership

Bengaluru, NFAPost: ZephyrTel (a public cloud service provider for global telecommunications operators) has entered a strategic partnership with NANO (ISP in Bhutan) to enable increased content delivery speeds by up to thirty times. Using ZephyrTel’s PACache solution, NANO plans to further leverage ZephyrTel’s public cloud innovations and investments to drive best practice and reduce TCO.

Tshering Norbu, CEO of NANO, comments: “The demands of 4K video and enriched digital content meant we were looking for a way to push data to users at a much higher rate, overcoming network congestion and boosting the overall customer experience. PACache has enabled us to achieve this, all while reducing our IP transit costs and eradicating any CapEx associated with managing this in-house.”

“ZephyrTel’s long-term vision for telecommunications providers chimes with our own vision of delivering maximum value for customers through continuous innovation. ZephyrTel’s broad solutions portfolio combined with its ongoing investment in the public cloud makes ZephyrTel the ideal strategic partner for us, delivering future-proof systems via a single provider, to underpin our reliable, efficient and rapid service delivery to all customers right across Bhutan. One of our key aims is to enter into fewer strategic relationships, meaning that any partners we do choose must be the perfect fit. ZephyrTel is no exception to this rule.”

PACache is designed for mobile, cable and telecom operators to optimise their investments in next-generation networks. It moves content closer to subscribers, supercharging networks to meet the increasing data streaming and download demands of today while reducing CapEx and increasing customer satisfaction. Invisible to network subscribers and content providers, PACache augments service delivery without detracting from an operator’s brand reputation.

Michael Speranza, CEO at ZephyrTel, comments: “We’re looking forward to a long and productive relationship with NANO and it’s been great to share our public cloud vision with the team. We’re committed to delivering optimum levels of value for our customers, continually developing our own offerings to revolutionise the cost equation for the Telco industry, and NANO is no different. By working alongside the team at NANO, we can ensure maximum operational efficiencies, establishing robust, forward-looking systems to build on the current success of the business.”


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