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The internationally renowned martial artist Grand Master M H Abid has over four decades of experience in various disciplines of martial arts, having participated in thousands of fights at national, Asian, and international championships and competitions.

He has been associated with several international sports federations and organisations and has officiated as judge and jury at various international championships and games.

Grand Master M H Abid has the distinction of organising over 800 national, Asian, and international championships, martial arts games, and amateur and professional martial arts events. Grand Master M H Abid and his students have also trained several Sandalwood and Bollywood celebrities.

Over the years, he has trained numerous masters, across various disciplines of martial arts, who have reached their highest ranks in their respective disciplines.

Since 1989, the Grand Master has been leading the Indian athletes representing the country at international, Asian, and OCA games. The athletes have come home with over 140 medals, bringing in fame and glory to the nation.

Grand Master M H Abid has also trained numerous instructors and has made ready qualified technical teams, referees, and judges at the national, Asian, and international level in various disciplines of martial arts.

Furthermore, for the last 38 years, the Grand Master has been providing unarmed combat training, using the bichwa system syllabus patented by the Grand Master, to the police force for the last 38 years.

The bichwa system is a very old tradition of self-defence techniques observed by the Hyderabad royal family, which was painstakingly learnt, practiced, and perfected by the Grand Master using old texts and writings from his own family archives.

The Grand Master helped establish several martial arts, including Muay Thai, Kickboxing, O-sport, Unifight, Pankration, and Jujitsu, in the country and assisted in the formation of their sports federation.

Since the last 40 years, the Grand Master has travelled across the country and in several countries in Asia and Europe, including Thailand, Macau, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Germany, Italy, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, the Netherlands, and the UK, conducting camps in various disciplines of martial arts.

He has also invited several world-renowned masters from across the globe in talent exchange programs to allow our athletes to train with them in advanced fighting techniques and better their skills for international competitions. The fruits of his efforts are visible today with his students currently the top ten masters in the country.

Grand Master M H Abid presently holds several titles including executive member, vice president, secretary general, and technical director in various national, Asian, and international martial arts federations, organizations, and sports bodies.

The programme for Muay Thai and kickboxing fighting skills training camp for athletes who want to refine their fighting skills and become proficient competitors at the national and international levels includes street level defence techniques taught by the internationally acclaimed Grand Master M H Abid.

Muay Thai and kickboxing organisations who are interested in organising a camp for experienced and potential fighters may directly request Grand Master M H Abid to visit your centre and conduct the training camp.

We list a few of the responsibilities:

  1. President of Muaythai India (MTI) National Federation, Bangalore.
  2. President of South Asian Muaythai Federation.
  3. Pioneer Member of International Martial Arts Games Committee (IMGC).
  4. Served as Technical Director at Martial Arts Games Council of Asia (MGCA).
  5. Secretary General of Martial Arts Games Federation of India.
  6. Executive member of IFMA and FAMA
  7. Founder of Muaythai king of Martial Art self defense and fitness training centre

(Avinash Nair is Sports Editor of NFAPost)

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