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For most people, thinking about a person at the age of 23 might give an impression of someone who has just graduated from college, but it is not the case with Singapore based Tung Sheng Chin.

Tung Sheng (23) has been diversifying his activities and has seen success in his investments in several companies. He is a private investor who works with banks (Unit Trust, Bonds, Equity) and fund houses/institutions that does Forex currently holding a $7 Million portfolio with a company investment portfolio of $380 Million.

He owns an entertainment and asset management company and is the director of Singapore based Grey Solutions. In the past, he has also served as the director of a concierge company.

With over 350k followers on his Instagram profile, he is one of the prominent influencers of Singapore. Almost all of his posts on Instagram receive thousands of likes. He was also featured in the list of Singapore’s top influencers in the “South China Morning Post”.

When asked about his investment ventures, he says “I like diversifying assets. There are many upcoming sectors with tremendous growth opportunities and I like to learn about them and invest in those which I feel promising”.

Even after being involved in so many business ventures at this age, he manages to spend quality time socializing. His Instagram page contains posts from various events, conferences to luxury cars, photos with celebrities, and parties. He loves collecting luxury timepieces like Patek Philippe & Audemars Piguet.

When asked about his free time activities, he says “In my free time, I socialize with celebrities, business owners & attend social luxury events. I share most of my socializing activities directly on my Insta page and my followers love it”.

With a balanced involvement in his personal and professional life, his mind is always open to finding the right opportunities to expand his portfolio. His LinkedIn profile contains the description

“Entrepreneur/Director/Investor/Socialite” all one after the other depicting his multi-talented nature. On the question of his plans for 2021, he says “I hope the economy will bounce back after passing through the slowdown phase of 2020 and it will reinitiate several halted projects of the past year along with bringing out new growth opportunities”.

All in all, Tung Sheng likes to constantly push his limits by acquiring more knowledge on the recent business opportunities and by investing in them.

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