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Mohh, a new furnishing startup venture headquartered out of Gurugram, has entered into the consumer space by utilising its two-decade-old expansive manufacturing set-up to deliver modern and contemporary designs for urban Indians.

A high quality, modern aesthetic and eclectic design at a pocket-friendly price is what Mohh offers to its vibrant, ambitious and young at heart audience. To take head-on the new normal of professionals, Mohh recently launched a line of work-from-home tables called Workasa. 

Mohh attempts to break away from the mundane design offerings in the market and offers unique, innovative and stylish products that will make a statement.  

Sustainability has become the need of the hour. With the rapidly changing environment, brands are making every effort to perform their social responsibility by observing environmental regulations and standards in India and world-over.

Upcycling products has a multitude of benefits that come along with it, one such benefit is the creativity that can be explored by bringing different objects and combining them all together.

We are here listing down the eco-friendly designs by Mohh that are consciously and innovatively designed with an aim to encourage At-Home Sustainability as well as the use of Upcycled furniture in homes.

1. Flutter planters
A looming threat to our precarious ecosystem is single-use plastic, so during our quest to be more sustainable, we were on the hunt for how we can repurpose plastic. That’s where eco boards came in, the base material for our flutter planters, which is made by tetra paks, post they’ve been consumed.

Since the material is waster-resistant and looks like a cross between marble and speckled concrete, we’ve launched a series of planters in different sizes using this sustainable material made by recycling single-use plastic packaging.


2. Kibo & Teo Planters
Combining metal and wood, these tiny but power packed planters are made from scrap generally created during the course of making bigger units. The attention to detail for scrap is such that even thin strips of scrap metal have been incorporated as a design element after ensuring its strength and giving it a fresh powder coat.


3. Chairs
The effort to utilise scrap has permeated to every level in our factory, the bigger metal scrap pieces from projects are kept aside like clockwork and used for making the seats and backrests of our wood with metal chairs, after due diligence of its strength and viability.  


Below shared are a few talking points:

  • Homegrown brands who are increasing awareness for the use upcycled furniture in your homes
  • Top Indian brands who are encouraging consumers to practise At-Home Sustainability with their products.
  • Interior decor industry’s growing awareness towards sustainability
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