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Mumbai, NFAPost: Kinder Joy announces the launch of Applaydu, a new mobile app which brings Kinder Joy toys to life through augmented reality in a fun world of discovery and imagination.

The Appalydu app aims to help children develop cognitive skills through fun and family activities, mini-games, interactive stories under parental supervision.

Providing a free edutainment playing experience, Applaydu app is developed in collaboration with Gameloft, a world leader in gaming expertise and designed with safety measures that reassures parents that their children can enjoy the interactive content themselves securely. Additionally, it comes free of ads as well as with parental control features and adaptive difficulty as per the age of the child thereby ensuring complete peace of mind for parents.

Keeping in mind children’s progression of fundamental skills, Kinder has applied a set of guidelines during the development of Applaydu app, provided by Oxford University’s Department of Education (London) such as introduction of games which includes the concept of mathematics, motor skills, reading and writing, and memory.

The Appalydu app will be supported with a TVC campaign and digital activations as well as point of sale visibility to familiarize consumers with its features. Building on the children’s enthusiasm for interactive things, the TVC highlights the smooth transition of a Kinder Joy toy from physical to digital by simply scanning a barcode on the app.

With every Kinder Joy the barcode is available in a leaflet inside the product. The TVC emphasizes on how the app enhances the playing experience of a child as well as encourages the inner creativity to extend the usage of physical toys.

Speaking on the occasion, Kinder Joy India spokesperson Anita Dewan said the company is taking Kinder Joy to the next level by introducing a unique playing concept of ‘Phygital’ with the Appalydu app.

“We believe that the Applaydu app will tap into the curiosity and creative aspects of every child’s imagination and create great moments of joy while bonding with parents. The app is designed to spark the imagination of children on digital and in addition, provide an edutainment experience for the whole family,” said Anita Dewan.

Gameloft Vice President Brand Partnerships & Advertising Alexandre Tan the company is really proud to partner with Kinder to make this project a reality.

“It is incredible to bring our 20 years of gaming expertise to the Kinder brand and their beloved toys in order to craft an app that brings a whole new layer of fun to families, by merging physical and digital worlds in order to expand the traditional play experience,” said Alexandre Tan.

The famed Applaydu app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or from Google Play and is compatible with all Android and iOS devices starting from Android 4.4 and iOS 12.

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