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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Ahead of CES 2021, Lenovo has just released a pair of new AR glasses for enterprise customers. The glasses codenamed ‘ThinkReality A3’ can connect to your PC or Motorola phone via USB-C.

Sporting a pair of 1080p stereoscopic displays, the A3 is capable of projecting up to five virtual monitors at once using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 chip powered by mixed-reality tech.  

The wearable device comes with dual fish-eye cameras for motion tracking, besides an 8MP camera sensor enables video recording at 1080p for remote streaming access.

These glasses are currently available in two variants – the PC version which offers dedicated virtual monitor experience up to five simultaneous displays and the Industrial version that lets you connect to select Motorola phones for performing AR tasks.

The glasses are specially designed for professionals working remotely or from home and have space constraints for extra monitors. As the A3 is targeted for enterprise consumers, it is likely to be an expensive buy at the moment.

The AR glasses, however, will prove useful for construction and manufacturing line of workers to help monitor complex operations while on the site.

There is no word on its market price yet. But, the ThinkReality A3 is expected to be priced above $2000 as the A6 costed the same.

Lenovo has confirmed that the device will include a carrying case for better portability. Meanwhile, Nathan Pettyjohn, commercial lead for AR and VR at Lenovo had this to say about the future of AR at work:

“In the next three to five years, we’ll see the ability to use augmented reality anywhere and everywhere at work will grow exponentially. Plus, powerful chipsets and 5G rollout will allow us to create more use cases out of this technology.”

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