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Amritsar, NFA Post: Indian module manufacturer Vikram Solar has launched its Series 6 modules — Somera and Prexos — with next generation M6 type of cells. These new modules claim to provide a peak output of up to 505 watts and efficiency ranging between 18.34% and 21.02%.

Both Somer and Prexos module series are built using multibusbar, half-cut, mono-crystalline PERC cells based on large-format M6- size wafers. The modules are available in 120, 144 and 156 half-cell versions, with efficiency depending on the cell version.

The company mentioned that the 120-cell variant will exclusively be available for the US and the international markets.

“The new Series 6 is a game-changer for the global solar industry from efficiency, power output, and cost-effectiveness perspective. Bringing down the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) is at the heart of designing and manufacturing the Series 6 modules. With this launch, we have further strengthened our product portfolio, which caters to all customer segments,” Chief Executive Officer Saibaba Vutukuri said.

The company claims that the Series 6 modules deliver high performance even in low light and partial shadow environments.

“These have been designed with a higher number and rounded shape of busbars, ensuring higher efficiency and boosting module power and performance… Further, lesser cell stress during module fabrication lowers the risk of module degradation in extreme weather conditions,” the company said.

Vikram Solar also mentioned that the upgraded material of bifacial modules provides greater resistance to heat and will be more durable in fluctuating temperatures.

It added that the Prexos Series 6 will also have near-zero potential induced degradation (PID) because of a PID-resistance encapsulant.

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