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Mumbai, NFAPost: Early this month, Apple has come up with the AirPods Max headphones for $549 or Rs 59,900 in India.

The Russian company Caviar known for making luxury variants of popular gadgets has declared its 2021 lineup which includes gold variants of the Nike AirJordan shoes, Sony PS5 and the Apple AirPods Max headphones. The gold variation of Apple AirPods Max headphones is priced at $108,000.

As per the details listed on Caviar’s global website, Apple AirPods Max headphones are available in Gold White and Gold Black variants on the platform. Both these variants are priced at $108,000, which roughly translate to Rs 79,25,245.

The company said that both the headphone variants are made of 750 gold and white crocodile leather for the Gold White variant and Black crocodile leather for the Gold Black variant. These headphones will be available for purchase on the platform in 2021.

But not everyone can buy it. Price tag aside, the company has made a single piece of these headphones. “Will be released in a single piece worldwide,” Caviar wrote on its platform. This means that a single unit of each, Apple AirPods Max Gold White variant and Apple AirPods Max Gold Black variant (in total two), are available for purchase in the world.

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