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The GoDonut phone accessory is a universal and portable stand designed to hold smartphones and many tablet brands.

Bengaluru, NFAPost: There is no bigger technology that took over the world than that of smartphones and tablets. Apart from making calls and sending messages, these devices are used to watch videos, take photos, even hold video conferencing.

That is where this review will focus. If you often fail to find ways to stand your mobile phone upright when viewing content or video conferencing via your tablet or phone, GoDonut is for you.

Ever since this device reached the market, it has been a huge hit because of its convenience, simplicity, and hands-free experience.

We intend to show you why GoDonut is more desirable than its competitors and why you should purchase one for yourself. What is GoDonut? The GoDonut phone accessory is a universal and portable stand designed to hold smartphones and many tablet brands.

Its design is patented, enabling the users to comfortably position the device for the utmost high quality and hands-free video conferencing experience and content viewing. This means you will no longer struggle with sliding, slipping, or falling off your device when taking a video.

GoDonut’s convenient portable size and simplistic design mean you can easily read recipes and navigate while performing tasks like cooking easily.

I do a lot of cooking, and this product has saved me a few times! Additionally, the device is fitted with slits designed to hold any device firmly in place. Many users have described GoDonut as the world’s most effective, portable, and universal stand for tablets and mobile devices.

This means that you can finally enjoy using your mobile devices without the fear of holding, breaking, or propping them. If you thought this GoDonut is a large tech company’s device, then you are wrong; the genius minds behind GoDonut are Raymond Alonzo and Nina Seyedabadi.

The two began their dream of building a deceptively simple, life-changing device that stands usable by anyone and can last for a lifetime. No sooner had the two entrepreneurs presented their idea to the public than they began winning numerous awards.

The public was so receptive to this component, which made them sell thousands of units almost instantly. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

How GoDonut Works?

If you have used a universal mobile, Kindle fire, or Samsung Galaxy tablet holder, you will certainly recommend this multi-purpose product 10 out of 10 to anyone.

Especially those who want to navigate between webpages without setting their device in a fixed position. At the same time, this easy-to-use device is great for Netflix binges and swiping on Instagram.

You can use it for your phone to easily read books and makes swiping between songs on Spotify highly accessible to everyone. Once you have the GoDonut in your possession, all you are required to do is to place your device into it and then adjust and reposition it based on the two embedded grooves.

You can view each angle in either landscape or portrait. Portrait mode is ideal for web browsing, video chatting, reading, or handwriting. On the other hand, landscape mode works best to watch movies, make drawings, mail it works, and video games.

The Unique Features of GoDonut After reading through dozens of customer reviews, I ordered my GoDonut phone and decided to buy this device. When the item arrived in the mail, what awed me was the simplistic design coupled with its unique ability to use without setting my phone against something. I’ve recently found myself using it non stop.

Despite its simple black appearance, GoDonut has numerous unique features that make me highly recommend this multi-device in a market full of such components. Some of these features include: Design and Construction

The gadget is made in the US with sturdy material that enhances its durability. Its stand is made with BPA rubber-like material, which contains zero toxins. This means that everyone in your family, including children, can use this device every day.

Its package dimension is 5.8 * 4.2* 1.3 inches, and the stands are small in size. The black color and round shape that GoDonut comes with means it can comfortably fit your pocket. GoDonut comes in different colors, including lime green, hunter green, black, cherry red, pink, and purple.

Cleaning GoDonut is simple and does not require any special treatment, all you need to do is pop it into the dishwasher, and you are good to go. Different Angles Support GoDonut has several sockets to allow the user to position their phone and tablet to an angle that suits you best. There are three angles to choose from 45°, 70°, and 90°, and you can view each angle in either portrait or landscape mode.

The landscape mode is best for playing videos and drawings and work because of its widescreen. The portrait mode is compatible with reading work, web browsing, content viewing, handwriting, and texting. Durability Before purchasing any gadget, durability is a crucial factor to consider; besides, you don’t want to keep going to the retailer for the same items. Luckily, the manufacturer of GoDonut has made sure its durability is astonishing.

The manufacturer has done a rigorous test to ensure that it is compatible with most devices and ideal for use in adverse environments. A huge percentage of the materials used to manufacture these items is rubber, which enhances its longevity. Even if you bash your device against the wall, it will probably not break; that’s how much this product is impressive. Utility One of the most impressive features of this phone and tablet stand is its utility.

It is compatible with office work, content viewing, working as a photo frame, and ideal for positioning my phone anywhere, even on a dirty counter! Better still, this device allows you to use your cellphone upright, or any angle for that matter, leaving you to watch your content without craning your neck.

You can also choose to place it on your car’s dashboard and navigate through your phone without necessarily getting your hands off the steering. One feature about this item is that it can hold your phone or tablet in any suitable position you desire. With this device, there is minimal risk for your gadget falling and getting damaged. If you do not believe me, look back and evaluate the number of times your phone has fallen while in your hands, and this is what this gadget is trying to counter.

Multidevice Support

It has a circular surface that can adjust with ease to suit your smartphone or tablet’s thickness. Furthermore, it is shallow and does not interrupt your access to the whole screen as you can scroll or swipe without interference. GoDonut has very few limits on the size of the device placed on its holder; both small and large devices can usually fit it with ease.

The adjustable grooves can widen enough to best accommodate the phone together with the case if your gadget has a slim case. Enables Hands-Free Operation GoDonut is constructed of durable material that makes you enjoy a hands-free mobile phone or tablet operation when teleconferencing.

It is a device you need to view content or make video calls if you do that a lot, which most people do. This product is ideal for performing other tasks, like taking notes, content creation, or even holding your baby while operating your gadget. If you engage in activities that require instruction like workouts, cooking, or any other activity, The GoDonut stand is a good option for you to use. Portable This universal device holder is 4 inches wide and one inch thick.

That proves very well how easy it is to carry around. You can also fit the phone holder to the traveling bag without adding the extra weight of size to your already heavy luggage. Therefore, you can walk around with this device even when you are away from home.

What Makes GoDonut Standout?

After trying countless times to prop my phone using any item I could, I dug through dozens of customer reviews and decided to try and use GoDonut. Well, I recently ordered my GoDonut and what I realized is that many people prefer it to other universal mobile stands because of its hands-free experience and other features.

For starters, GoDonut is made with a patented design with its stand made of Thermoplastic Elastomer to give it a weighted and non-slip base. GoDonut’s outer material is water and heat resistant, and that is why you can throw it into the dishwasher to clean it without the fear of destroying it.

As if that is not enough, GoDonut is indestructible as the manufacturer tested this stand and proved that it could withstand a weight of up 33000 pounds without breaking! Looking at these features, it is certainly true that GoDonut is a one-time purchase that you, as a tech enthusiast, need.

It has a snug fit case that fits well in the pocket. This unique universal stand does not have any sharp edges and is made with BPA free material. Plus, you don’t have to fear leaving it around your kids since it is toxin-free. If you doubt this device’s effectiveness, you can go online and check what the previous customers are saying.

Some customers appreciate the fact that GoDonut is a nice and simple external stand and fits almost all the small electronics and sturdy construction that makes the user feel comfortable that their device is secure. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews! Where to Get GoDonut After reading this GoDonut customer review, you will probably be impressed by it, and perhaps you are asking yourself where you can get or order one for yourself.

Since its inception, this product manufacturer has sold over 500,000 units and has become one of the highest-selling universal stands on the market. Even though you can get products from other online retailers, you should order them directly from the manufacturer. That way, you will get an original product at a reasonable price. Also, ordering a bulk of these products will get you free shipping. Click here to discover the current discount!

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