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The intervention of RBWC to help marginalised section of society in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, NFAPost: It is interesting to see technology interventions helping the marginalised in society. Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central (RBWC) has joined hands with Alpine Inc to donate refurbished LED bulbs to communities in the city taking into account the growing demand for energy-saving lighting solutions.

As part of the initiative, RBWC volunteers are collecting old dysfunctional LED bulbs and  converting them into new ones by changing the circuit inside the bulb. The total cost for sourcing and changing the circuit inside is estimated at Rs 50. It will be sponsored by the individuals or the partnering Rotary clubs.

RBWC launched the programme at its annual GOV function on Saturday 19th Dec., where Rotary District 3190 Governor Rotarian Nagendra Prasad, Past District Governor Rotarian Manjunath Shetty and District Secretary Rotarian Ramdas launched this innovative initiative.

Commenting on the project, RBWC President Manoj Kabre said the vision of RBWC has always been to utilise technology breakthrough and innovation to cultivate projects where they can render value for the needy.

“Our District Governor (DG) Rotarian Nagendra Prasad has always encouraged our Club Presidents and Avenue Directors to think out of the box. Our Community Services Director Rotarian Amit Kumar came up with this brilliant idea that immediately got endorsed by our Immediate Past President (IPP) Rotarian Bharath Poovaiah and Past President Rotarian Chandrasekaran, and got into action through the swift initiative of our Club Services Director Rotarian Ajay Bansal,” he said.

As a part of the community project during a government school visit at Covid-19 affected areas, RBWC Community Services Director Rtn. Amit Kumar interacted with a few of the students and got to know that they didn’t have proper lighting in their houses. This is when he thought that the organisation can do something to give a proper lighting solution to these needy. This gave birth to this innovative idea of refurbishing the old LED bulbs.

Generally, the LED bulbs have a life span of 3 to 5 years.  After India started the extensive usage of LED bulbs since last 3-4 Yrs, it is noticed that the bulbs stop working due to voltage fluctuations.  It is a reality that huge quantity of these non-working bulbs are available in various apartment and societies. These have the potential to be refurbished and used.

RBWC’s mission is to help a lot of needy people such as students and homemakers living in economically challenging situations to utilise these refurbished bulbs for their studies and kitchen errands respectively.

“Our vision is to enable villagers as well as a migrant labour force to get an optimal source of lighting in their homes or temporary dwelling so that it doesn’t create any more impediments than what they already face. This kind of unique initiative will help them lead a better life and enable contentment within the available constraints,” said RBWC Community Services Director Rtn.Amit Kumar.

Amit Kumar said RBWC has set the first milestone to collect 1000 old LED bulbs within 30th Dec 2020. “Later, by March 2021, we plan to repair and donate 5000+ bulbs. We need huge support from corporates and communities for the same,” he said.

RBWC organisers state that it is a very unique project since it provides the organisation an opportunity to connect the supply (of dysfunctional cost-effective LED bulbs that are disposed of in richer communities/apartment complexes) to demands (Needs of our underprivileged fellow citizens – especially the students, in getting access to the basic necessity of a good education). 

By setting a new milestone in its efforts to make a difference, and bringing smiles around the community, the LED project is implementing Rotary International President Rotarian Holger Knaack’s  vision: “We all know Rotary’s tremendous power to transform our communities and ourselves. All over the world, Rotary has the same heart. We serve our communities and take action where others feel paralyzed by the size and scope of a problem. Let us be unstoppable in our service, relentless in our kindness and intentional in the change we want to see.”

For details contact:Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central (RBWC)Alpine Inc, #56, Veeraswamy Reddy Layout, Opp to Whitefield Global School Kadugodi, Bangalore-560067 (Contact : 8088881122)

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