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Bengaluru, NFAPost: iValue InfoSolutions, India’s premium technology aggregator, announced their collaboration with CloudDefense.

The purpose of this collaboration is to ease the terms of securing numerous applications in any organisation that leads to security and development processes moving hand-in-hand, with no delay hampering the development. 

Commenting on the partnership, iValue InfoSolutions Chief Growth Officer Harsh Marwah said in this era of DevOps, an average enterprise has to deal with more than a hundred applications to support their digital-driven businesses.

“The size and scale of potential application vulnerabilities and threats have grown significantly and it’s a humungous task for the SecOps team to certify, pen test and validate all applications. CloudDefense introduces a breakthrough platform for assessing the risk posture for the entire application stack and enables a more agile DevSecOps philosophy, which will help security move at the same pace as development,” said iValue InfoSolutions Chief Growth Officer Harsh Marwah.

iValue InfoSolutions Chief Growth Officer Harsh Marwah said finally, a way for developers to build secure applications and balance risk and development speed.

“Identifying the necessity of solutions provided by CloudDefense to tackle such issues, iValue is happy to bring their solution to the Indian market,” Harsh Marwah

iValue’s readymade framework precisely targets the right set of enterprise customers through analytics based on customer life cycle adoption framework. Their focused partner network pan-India has helped to target specific partners of relevance based on his top customers and top brands.

CloudDefense introduces a breakthrough platform for assessing the risk posture of the entire application stack and enables a more agile DevSecOps philosophy, which will help security move at the same pace as development. This enables CIO’s and CISO’s to better balance risk and development speed. 

The risk for an application can only be assessed by evaluating the entire application stack, and CloudDefense enables Security and Compliance teams to get a bird’s-eye view of overall application security risk, open source vulnerabilities and quickly investigate any legal compliance issues. Its single platform for assessing the risk of applications helps in integrating the existing software build system to identify application and container vulnerabilities. 

CloudDefense CEO / CTO Anshu Bansal said nowadays, companies can’t afford to just protect one layer of their (numerous) applications.

“This leads to companies investing in several tools to provide complete coverage or opting to not protect certain aspects of their applications. Neither option is ideal. The former leads to lots of expensive shelfware as it’s very hard to train on, manage, maintain and report on so many tools. The latter is bad form,” said Anshu Bansal.

Anshu Bansal said so that’s why we’re on a mission to streamline DevSecOps – just one tool to comprehensively handle your open-source components, static code analysis, pen-testing, API scanning and container scanning.

“And we’re excited to say that we are being supported on this journey by seasoned business veterans like Gokul Rajaram (commonly known as one of the creators of Google Adsense), Arjun Malhotra (founder of HCL), Atiq Raza (ex-COO and President of AMD), as well as many others. It is with great excitement that we are partnering with iValue to bring our solution to the Indian market and enable seamless DevSecOps for companies of all sizes!,” said Anshu Bansal.

Their Software Composition Analysis (SCA) verifies third-party libraries, frameworks and components used within an application. The Static Application Security Testing (SAST) automatically analyzes compiled or un-compiled written code for security vulnerabilities. 

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) is similar to black-box application testing. API Scanning tests the API endpoints for any potential vulnerabilities and Container Scanning allows security scan on Docker images to find vulnerabilities. 

A premium technology enabler, iValue InfoSolutions drives “Go to Market” for Niche, Compelling and Complimentary offerings, “Digital Assets” Protection, Optimisation & Transformation area, leveraging Customer Life Cycle and Product Life Cycle Adoption frameworks. 

iValue mission is to optimize, protect & transform “Digital Assets” of Organizations, with leading edge & proven offerings, in collaboration with trusted partners. iValue offerings are aligned, customised & optimised for organizations, across vertical & size, through its OEM, consultant & global, national, regional and local system integrators partnership. 

iValue has a direct partnership with 35+ “Best of Breed” OEM’s with 7,000+ Customers through 700+ partners. iValue has a direct presence across 13+ locations in multiple continents, with the channel, solution, vertical & horizontal focused teams, addressing pre-sales, sales & post sales needs of Customer, Consultants & Partner for Private, Public and Hybrid cloud needs.

Apart from India, iValue overseas presence includes Nairobi, Kenya office for Africa foray. The team at iValue leverage Analytics for its structured and targeted business development at Customers along with AI-driven CRM solution for ensuring profitable growth for its partners and OEM. iValue has been growing consistently at 4+ times market growth rates, at 50%+ CAGR for the last 12+ years. F

CloudDefense AI was founded by the desire to solve a problem. Securing applications is hard enough already, and even more so when having to stitch together a stack of up to 8 tools. That’s why CloudDefense founders decided to use their experience leading security teams at large Fortune 50 companies and their experience with previously founding a company that went on to IPO to create CloudDefense. 

One tool to secure your entire application – SCA, SAST, DAST, API, Licenses, and Secrets Scanning. CloudDefense wants to make comprehensive application security a reality for all organisations. 

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