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WORD Marketplace which connects brands and creators to deliver end to end campaign experience

WORD Marketplace serves as a gateway between Brands and Influencers wherein they can mutually benefit by connecting with each other to find, create and execute campaigns on a seamless platform

Mumbai, NFAPost: WORD, the innovative and tech-first influencer marketing company, announced the launch of its self-serve influencer marketing platform WORD Marketplace, which helps in connecting new and established SMBs with micro-influencers to deliver end-to-end campaign experience.

Part of the Alchemy Group umbrella of brands, WORD is a full service influencer marketing agency where the company’s mission is to professionalise the space, build connections with original talent and help brands tell stories that deliver measurable impact.

WORD Marketplace works on an economical, flexible, and reliable mechanism that offers a dual solution – for brands to connect with the right influencers and get creative content made as well as for influencers to connect with brands and get campaigns for themselves.

WORD Marketplace enables small brands to join the influencer marketing bandwagon while sticking to their budget. Beginning with signing up to finalizing the content with the influencers, everything is hassle-free. Brands can easily sign-up on the WORD Marketplace Web App and create campaign briefs with no minimum fees.

They can receive content from registered influencers, approve the project, and pay only for what they wish to use while keeping track of the campaign performance insights on their dashboard. With WORD Marketplace, brands can exercise their command over the entire process directly.

The platform also provides the perfect opportunity for aspiring influencers to handpick their preferred projects and work for what they believe in. With a simple sign-up using the WORD Marketplace App, they can kick-start their journey to professional content creation by choosing the projects that they like, submitting their ideas to the brand and monetizing this opportunity.

The influencers get the advantage of engaging directly with the brand to work out the commercials that suit them best. Moreover, timely compensation can be assured as the platform provides a smooth payment experience.

Alchemy Group & WORD COO Dharika Merchant commented on this announcement that with the rise of influencer marketing in the recent past, Alchemy Group and WORD have noticed that almost all brands want to include this to their marketing mix in order to maximize their business.

“However, in this vast space, new and established brands often face a challenge in engaging with the right influencers at their budget.  Moreover, with the increased adoption of social media amongst the audience, there has been a surge in the number of micro influencers in the country, who often struggle in getting the right kind of campaigns come their way,” said Alchemy Group & WORD COO Dharika Merchant.

Having worked with over 150 brands and 30K+ influencers, Alchemy Group & WORD COO Dharika Merchant said WORD, understand these challenges and have found a way to solve for this with self-serve influencer marketing platform – WORD Marketplace, which bridges the gap between small brands looking for the right influencers and micro influencers looking for the right brands to work with and brings them closer.

She further added that it is often perceived that influencer marketing is expensive which is why some brands shy away from testing these waters.

“With WORD Marketplace, we want to bust the myth and encourage brands to focus on their marketing needs by leaving everything up to our seamless platform. WORD Marketplace aims to help small brands keep abreast of the contemporary marketing trends by creating not just a platform but an ecosystem for them to choose eligible influencers on their terms,” said Alchemy Group & WORD COO Dharika Merchant.

Brands can now easily connect with influencers and get creative content made for their brand with the budget that they deem fit. Sign up on WORD Marketplace TODAY and get started for free.

WORD, part of Alchemy Group, is a full-service influencer marketing agency which is aimed at professionalizing the space, building connections with original talent and helping brands tell stories that deliver measurable impact.

Along with the state-of-the-art robust technology and data, the business strongly believes in a human-first approach to talent identification and high-touch service. The in-house team of specialists includes strategists, producers, influencer project managers, designers, developers, digital marketing analysts and social media experts to support a brand’s journey right from defining goals and objectives to complete campaign execution.

Alchemy Group is a tech-first digital media and content agency providing marketing solutions to reach next-gen audiences. Founded in 2015, Alchemy Group is a firm believer in the power of technology and scale via new-age marketing channels that disrupts the traditional methods of marketing.

It caters towards experiential marketing using technology as an enabler to help create granular, real conversations via Influencers, delivering marketing communication not only in local languages but also across future ready mediums like Digital Audio rather than as legacy mass marketing. Alchemy Group has four businesses under its umbrella – WORD, AndBeyond.Media, Localyze and OneLoop.

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