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Amritsar, NFA Post: India’s workforce remains the most optimistic in Asia-Pacific over the job market, despite ongoing pandemic, and majority of them are upbeat about the chances of their pay rise next year, a study conducted by job search platform Indeed showed.

According to the survey, about 64% and 56% Indian workers respectively said that they were optimistic about their chances at better career opportunities, and a pay rise in 2021.

“Yet, 54% said they would not pursue other job opportunities even if approached by other employers, some citing current workplace satisfaction, with most citing job insecurity,” the report said.

The Indeed Global Survey measured the sentiment of 3,600 employers and 14,142 employees across the UK, US, Ireland, Australia, India, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil and Canada between 13-20 Nov this year. This included 251 employers and 1,015 employees in India. The research was conducted by Censuswide, the company said. 

The survey showed that more than two in five employers said the decisions taken at the outset of the pandemic were effective in ensuring their business continuity.

About 66% employers also credited their workforce for pulling together and helping their company in this time of crisis.

Although forced into lockdown due to the pandemic, Indian workers cited greater family time and inclusion or flexibility as positive side effects, the survey report said.

Two in every five workers said “more time with family” and “more opportunities to work from home” had the biggest impact on their personal circumstances in 2020.

The study noted that both Indian employers and workers share polarized views about work-life balance, and how they expect the future to pan out.

“41% employers and 39% employees said lines between work and life have permanently blurred, with another 40% employers and employees saying lines are more separate than ever.”

As Indian workers look to the future, a 59% majority said they expected workplaces in 2021 to show greater consideration to hygiene, health and safety, with another 44% citing mental wellbeing as the second most important consideration.

On cue, one in two employers said that social distancing and hygiene measures would be a priority while implementing new workplace policies in 2021.

Embracing hybrid work as the future of work, more than seven in 10 employers said they would increase work-from-home options, with another 59% stating improved flexible work options as an important consideration while implementing new workplace policies.

“As the world’s second largest labour market moves towards its economic recovery, how organizations redefine their talent strategies and workplace practices, will play a critical role in how India prepares for the future of work,” Indeed India Managing Director Sashi Kumar said.

Signaling revival, platform data shows the number of job postings on Indeed India – a real time measure of labor market activity in the country, has increased across industries.

Growth in job postings was 18.5% in November 2020, from a negative 50% in Jun-Jul. Concurring with this sentiment while responding to their 2021 hiring plans in the study, 37% Indian employers said they planned to hire at higher volumes than before the pandemic, with another 17% expecting to revert to pre-pandemic levels of hiring, the report noted. 

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