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San Francisco, NFAPost: Gray Television, Inc. announced that Google’s GNI Innovation Challenge has selected Gray Television, Inc. for $200,000 in funding to support a multi-platform journalism project focused on health disparities in the Mississippi Delta and Appalachia regions of the country. 

“Bridging the Great Health Divide-Mississippi Delta and Appalachia” will explore why these disparities exist with a focus on long term and sustainable solutions. 

Both regions fare far worse than the national average in health indicators and outcomes.  Journalists from more than 25 Gray stations, our DC News Bureau, and our National Investigative Unit will contribute to the project.

“We’re proud to launch this initiative and give a voice to these underrepresented populations that have long lagged in basic health care.  We also aim to provide resources to help people make better-informed decisions on health-related issues,” said Gray Chairman and CEO Hilton H. Howell Jr.

The year-long project will launch in early 2021.  Gray’s “Bridging the Great Health Divide” is one of 30 projects in the United States selected for GNI Innovation Challenge funding in 2020, as well as one of only three projects from television broadcasters. 

Google launched its News Initiative and GNI Innovation Challenge in 2018 to help support quality local journalism in a digital age.

Gray currently owns and/or operates television stations and leading digital properties in 94 television markets, including the number-one rated television station in 68 markets and the first or second highest rated television station in 86 markets. 

Gray’s television stations cover approximately 24% of US television households and broadcast approximately 400 separate programming streams, including nearly 150 affiliates of the CBS/NBC/ABC/FOX networks. 

Gray also owns video program production, marketing, and digital businesses including Raycom Sports, Tupelo-Raycom, and RTM Studios, the producer of PowerNation programs and content.  For further information, please visit

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