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Chennai, NFAPost: Cognizant has announced the successful implementation of its digital thread technology-based information framework for Lexmark, a leader in global imaging solutions, technologies, and managed print services. This enhancement to Lexmark’s digital capabilities portfolio has earned Lexmarkthe prestigious 2020 Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Award, recognising the Lexmark Enterprise Architecture team for its strategic leadership, concrete business impact, and vision for enabling digital transformation.

Dubbed the ‘Product Digital Thread’ project and powered by Cognizant’s BigDecision data modernisation platform, the digital thread technology framework has provided Lexmark with predictive analytics and enhanced visibility into the quality control of its products. This additional insight enables Lexmark to make better and faster decisions about its broad product portfolio.

“We are proud that our successful business relationship with Lexmark has been recognised by Forrester and InfoWorld,” said Cognizant Head of Retail, Consumer Goods, Travel & Hospitality Rajeev Saraf.

“Lexmark understands the benefits that digital can bring to legacy platforms, which Cognizant is focused on delivering. Through our collaborative efforts to analyse valuable product data, we are helping Lexmark deliver the speed, efficiency, and quality their customers expect,” he added.

“We recognised the value in being able to “close the loop” on data and analytics across the lifecycle of our hardware and supplies, correlating data from product design through manufacturing, distribution, and operations – all the way to decommissioning,” said Lexmark Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Technology Officer Tom Eade.

“Our partnership with Cognizant has been crucial to reinventing how we service our customers. Cognizant’s expertise and speed of delivery helped transform our operational and technology infrastructure so that we can continue to produce modernised, exceptional products in less time and at a lower cost to our customers,” he added.

Cognizant has worked with Lexmark to help the company digitally transform its enterprise architecture organisation from technology strategists to an outcome-driven organisation for improved products and services. This collaboration is validated by Lexmark’s excellence award from Forrester and InfoWorld, and by the company’s ongoing success working with Cognizant to leverage modern, advanced digital solutions.

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