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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India needs to work together to ensure the timely rollout of 5G technology to leapfrog into the future and empower millions of people in the country.

“We need to work together to ensure a timely roll-out of 5G to leapfrog into the future and empower millions of Indians,” he said at the fourth edition of India Mobile Congress.

Laying importance on mobile technology, Modi said it is because of it people are able to enjoy benefits worth billions of dollars to millions of Indians.

“It is because of mobile technology that we were able to help the poor and vulnerable,  quickly during the pandemic,” he added.

The mobile technology also witnessed billions of cashless transactions happening that has boosted formalization and transparency, Modi said.

“It is because of mobile technology that we will enable smooth contactless interface on toll booths,” he said.

Modi urged the gathering to make India a global hub for telecom equipment, design, development, and manufacturing.

Since people have a culture of replacing handsets and gadgets frequently due to technological up-gradation, Modi asked whether the industry can form a task-force to think of a better way of handling electronic waste and create a circular economy.

Modi said better healthcare, education, information, and opportunities for farmers and market access for small businesses, are some of the goals India can work towards to improve lives with the upcoming technology revolution.

He said it was due to people’s innovation and efforts that the world was functional despite the pandemic.

“It is due to your efforts that a son connected with his mother in a different city. A student learns from his teacher without being in the classroom. A patient consulted his doctor from his home. A trader connected with a consumer from different geography,” he added.

More than the Code, Concept, and Capital, Modi said Conviction stands between a profitable exit and the making of a unicorn.

“A lot of young techies tell me that it is the Code which makes a product special. Some entrepreneurs tell me that it is a Concept which matters more.
Investors suggest that it is Capital which is important to scale a product.

But often, what matters the most is the Conviction the youngsters have on their product. Sometimes conviction is all that stands between just a profitable exit and making of a unicorn,” he said.

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