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Bengaluru, NFAPost: The coronavirus outbreak has changed our way of living, buying, and consuming. If there is one sector that has grown exponentially in recent months, it is e-commerce. Despite the COVID 19 pandemic and lockdown, Amazon’s profit has seen an uplift in 2020, due to the company’s innovative shift to keep its services operating during the coronavirus lockdown in a way no other company can.

If you want to enter the eCommerce business, then Amazon FBA is one of the best choices available. This platform dominates 49% of the e-commerce market, and for good reason. Out of Amazon’s $280 billion in sales, over half of those come from third-party sellers. (People like you and I) However, with loads of information on the internet starting Amazon FBA can be overwhelming, and you will probably feel like your heads about to explode.

To get the best result in this type of business model, getting a good mentor and Amazon FBA consultant that can help scale your business and explode your bank account is the best choice. Today we share the story of Michael Elliott and how he started EJM Media; an Amazon Consulting and Management Agency. However, before diving into his proven methods, let’s shed more light on what Amazon FBA is and why you should consider this business.

What is Amazon FBA all about? Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon and it is an Amazon global system that allows anyone no matter your experience, or location, to take part and sell products on its platform. The best part about Fulfillment by Amazon is that you don’t have to package, ship, and deliver products yourself. Amazon does everything for you, and that is the game-changer with the fulfillment program.

Why Amazon FBA? Amazon FBA is helpful to business owners who do not have the facility to store their inventory. This means that no warehouse is needed, which saves the cost of managing your inventory. You will be a “prime” eligible seller which means your goods will be shipped on the same day or next.

Furthermore, Amazon will handle product returns, and also pick, package, and ship your products within your country and abroad as well. Who is Michael Elliott, what is EJM Media all about, and how can they explode your product sales? Michael Elliott is a passionate entrepreneur and an expert in scaling up small and large businesses through Amazon’s platform. He is also the founder and CEO of EJM Media, the leader in business growth using amazon.

At EJM Media they provide top drawer consultancy service and help large corporations and new businesses explode and scale product sales with minimal time and effort. Before cracking the ecom code and getting massive results in sales, Michael Elliot was a broke college student with dreams of breaking out of the 9-5 rat race. Having had experience with jobs that drove him to be miserable and empty, he decided to break out of the corporate world and achieve a freedom lifestyle.

He dropped out of college within 3 months and started exploring online sources of income. He knew his passion came from entrepreneurship, especially in the eCommerce world, and kept working towards achieving his goals of financial freedom. Support was not very present along the way, with his friends and family doubting his decision and having his own father called him a disappointment when he dropped out of school.

With no degree, no job, and an empty wallet, he sold off everything he did not need on the Facebook marketplace just to support his business. His friends and family had an underlying doubt that Mike was wasting his time by not getting a “real job” or not going to college. Rather than giving their support, many of his friends laughed when he told them about what he was doing as they deemed his choice of business to be a long shot.

Steadfast and putting more focus towards achieving his goals, he turned a deaf ear to the skeptics around him. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, he made a decision and borrowed thousands of dollars from his dad and it all went down the drain. Falling back to square one, he was not going to go down without swinging. He started flipping items on eBay and Facebook Marketplace just to avoid getting back into the 9-5 rat race.

With much dedication and focus, he was able to bounce back, raise money from his business and pay his father back. After years of trying the trial and error method, Mike finally cracked the code and devised his own foolproof system which allowed him to achieve amazing results and 10X his business.

Going from generating only about $2,000 per month to over $10,000 in less than 60 days, he knew his method was extremely scalable. Michael had been featured in the top freelancing platforms in the world before he started EJM media. He now helps with Amazon business coaching, consultation, and management. Where he has helped hundreds of clients with little or no experience to dominate the competition, explode product sales, and grow their business exponentially day in and day out with his proven system.

The best part about his system is that unlike Amazon courses (which will probably be out of date or contain information that is already out in the open) he mentors and manages his clients one-on-one, human to human to give the best result. Aside from his proven method, he and his team at EJM Media do all the hard work so clients with zero experience don’t have to deal with the tedious technicalities.

For clients willing to do it themselves he offers one on one mentorship until they get the desired results. Mike is a master of selling on Amazon, he knows what works best and knows the products that bring the highest profit possible. His unique system has been used to scale big-time players generating six-figures per month, all the way down to the brand new sellers who’ve yet to sell a single product.

What more? Michael Elliott is so sure of his system and his team at EJM Media, that they decided to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if they are not able to drive your product(s) to the first page of Amazon within 30 days. Mike and his team at EJM Media are keen on working with individuals who carry the same passion as he takes them by the hand and shows them what works to get their business off to a flying start.

Now with hundreds of satisfied clients and amazing results, Michael has proven to be an expert in his field. He has put in the work and built his business from the ground up. He went from being a broke college drop out to being an e-com guru and Amazon FBA expert. Scaling up his business and that of clients under his management.

“Creating a thriving and successful Amazon business can be an uphill task like anything you start in life. Choosing the right product, dealing with suppliers, and beating the competition to reach the first page, are some of the challenges that you will have to face before you reach 6, 7, or even 8 figures.

“Know that it is possible and that it is worth every ounce of effort because if I can do it anyone can. Nothing about me is special. The only thing I knew was I could not stand working for someone else my whole life. I knew that I wanted to spoil myself and all of my loved ones.

“I am still not done with my journey, nor will I ever be, but it is so worth it to keep evolving and growing as a human and as a business.Whether you are currently working a dead-end job, or are simply not happy with your current lifestyle, know that there is so much opportunity outside of the life that most of us are brought into,” he explains.

Mike is proof that change only comes to those who are passionate about what they do and how hard they work for it. He continues to help those willing to make that change at EJM Media by showing them a foolproof system and business blueprint birthed from his years of experience. All so his clients can speed up the process of achieving financial freedom and start living the lifestyle of their dreams.

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