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India’s First Live Online UpSkilling Academy will help kids with its ‘IQ+EQ+CQ’ Multiple Intelligence curriculum

The unique platform’s ultimate goal is to upskill children rather than ‘tutor’ them. It focusses on enabling them to take on real-world through learning solutions

New Delhi, NFAPost: Upskilling is now increasingly being given its due credit and equal, if not more, importance than subject and functional expertise. However, there exists a glaring gap in upskilling across the country.

BeyondSkool, ‘India’s First Live Online UpSkilling Academy For Kids, has been founded with the vision to bridge the gap between what is required by the ‘New World Careers’ and ‘Our Children’s Skills’.

While subject-knowledge is important, at BeyondSkool the child is enabled to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills of Logic, Analysis, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Innovation, and Communication, thus transforming them from being mere ‘Knowledge Acquirers’ to ‘Knowledge Multipliers’. 

Based on the approach of developing ‘Multiple Intelligences’ of the child at an early age, the First Of Its kind ‘Primary Years Enrichment Programme’ covers STEM Innovation, LEADERSHIP Communication and LOGIMATH Problem Solver courses which enables to sharpen the IQ (Intelligence Quotient), strengthen the EQ (Emotional Quotient) and magnify the CQ (Creative Quotient) of the child, preparing them for overall success.

To keep up with the changing careers the ‘New World Offers’, it has become increasingly important to teach the children of today and professionals of tomorrow to become Problem Solvers who have the ability to Innovate, Create solutions and Communicate their ideas with perfect articulation and influence their peer group.

BeyondSkool has a team of expert curriculum designers who work very closely with national and international experts to design the learning content and pedagogy. With small group sessions, the pedagogy is based on inquiry-based learning with high educator-to-child and child-to-child engagement.

BeyondSkool’s passionate educators are selected through a rigorous 5-step selection process and mandatory training of 30 hours before they take up any sessions. The platform’s founding team brings rich experience and expertise in various domains to the table, having served in leadership roles in notable organizations including Jio, Vodafone, Samsung, Maruti, Teach For India and are alumni of  prestigious educational institutions such as Kellogg School of Management, MDI and IIM.

Speaking about the one-of-a-kind platform, BeyondSkool Founder & CEO Payal Gaba said BeyondSkool as an UpSkilling Online Learning solution comes ‘From A Parent, For All Parents’.

“The thought of UpSkilling a child with Higher Order Thinking skills came to me first as a parent and then as a Business Leader. As a parent, I realize that the current education system has limitations as it imparts great subject knowledge but lacks in helping children build skills of using this knowledge to create, innovate, and solve real-world problems,” said Payal Gaba.

She said BeyondSkool strongly believes that while school education is important, ‘beyond-school UpSkilling should be Mandatory’.

“Our ‘Primary Years Enrichment Programme’ has been curated in synergy with National & International Curriculum experts, which features 4 Semesters and 8 assessment levels, which would enable in transforming the child to becoming a Problem Solver, Innovator, and Influencer,” said Payal Gaba.

The programmes on the platform are progressive, building higher-order skills as the child moves from one module to another through the BeyondSkool Certification Plan. During the course of the programme, the child will be involved in creating 24 projects and 2 capstones.

Designed to bridge the gap between ‘new world’ career requirements and existing skills of children, BeyondSkool is a new-age ed-tech platform founded in August, 2020. The first-of-its-kind platform aims to enrich children with higher-order thinking skills to build sharp IQs, strong EQs, and enhanced CQs to nurture them into future-ready professionals of tomorrow.

With an expert founding team led by professionals and alumni of prestigious educational institutions such as Kellogg School of Management, MDI and IIM, the platform’s core team brings rich experience from globally reputed organizations including Jio, Vodafone, Samsung, Maruti and Teach for India.

Having served in leadership roles across business functions in multiple domains, the team’s expertise lays a solid foundation to BeyondSkool’s core ideology – to create and nurture Problem-Solvers, Innovators and Influencers.

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