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DAP Playbook Seeks to Empower Enterprises as Covid-19 Accelerates Digital Adoption

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Whatfix, the leader in Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP), announced the launch of the first-ever Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) Playbook by Everest Group, a leading research and consulting firm.

The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the need for remote training and support as organisations look to accelerate their digital transformation journey to adapt to a new way of working.

The DAP Playbook, commissioned by Whatfix, serves as a critical tool to help enterprises better understand the DAP market and formulate strategies to scale up digital adoptions so that they can remain resilient and competitive in a changing world.

DAP maturity

Everest Group Vice President Anil Vijayan said the company hopes that the DAP Playbook helps guide organisations as they prepare for the upcoming year and continuous change triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Through its various frameworks and accelerators, the playbook is intended to act as a “how to” manual, which will help enterprises understand their current state of DAP maturity and develop a business case to scale up DAP adoptions across the organisation,” said Anil Vijayan.

The DAP Playbook also features two case studies on Whatfix customers, Experian and Sentry, who have demonstrated leadership and significant success in their digital adoption journey.

Experian, a leading global information services company, started its DAP journey in 2017 with Whatfix to provide on-demand learning and self-service support to the sales department. Since then, the company has achieved critical business outcomes including a 50% reduction in content creation time and an increase in data quality and productivity.

Self-help options

Sentry Insurance, a Fortune 1000 company, started its DAP journey in 2017 to provide on-demand learning and self-help options to users. At first, it started by leveraging DAP for their CRM application, but over time, it partnered with Whatfix to add DAP to more internal and external-facing applications. Since then, the company has realized significant reduction in the number of support calls and freed up $950,000 worth of resources to be used for profit generating activities.

Whatfix CEO Khadim Batti said Whatfix understands that it is more important now than ever for organisations to adapt their business models and empower their remote teams.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to be featured in the Everest Group’s first ever DAP Playbook and look forward to working with more organizations around the world on their digital adoption journey,” said Whatfix CEO Khadim Batti.

The playbook features detailed analysis of DAP market characteristics as well as challenges enterprises face during their DAP initiatives and the best practices to overcome these challenges.

Some of the highlights include:

●        Key Benefits: How DAP enables enterprises to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the user experience

●        DAP Journey: A detailed framework with illustrations for enterprises that are thinking about DAP adoption programmatically across the organization, assessed across over 25 capability elements across four maturity levels.

●        Involving the relevant stakeholders across a company – such as IT, HR, Sales, Product – will be critical to driving the DAP journey.

●        Tracking metrics and KPIs is key for enterprises to measure DAP performance and improve the return on their investments.

Founded in 2014, Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform helps organizations drive speed and efficiency in their adoption of new technology offerings. Through in-app guidance and overlays, Whatfix enhances user efficiency, enterprise productivity, and business outcomes.

While a typical organisation uses over 300 applications, many are not leveraged to their fullest potential, which highlights the critical importance of digital adoption to the rapidly-changing modern workplace. Focused on maximizing user productivity and enabling better adoption, Whatfix’s DAP includes guidance, automation, analytics, personalization, and content aggregation.

Everest Group is a consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, engineering services, and sourcing, with clients including global enterprises, service providers, and investors.

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