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~ Introduces specially curated Shubh Ratri playlist on Gaana ~

Cipla Health expands its portfolio with Naselin Nasal Spray~

Mumbai, NFAPost Naselin, a widely used nasal decongestant spray and Gaana, India’s largest audio streaming platform, have stepped into a unique partnership to create the idea of a Subh Ratri – a specially curated playlist.

The two brands have associated with each other to blend the magic of soothing music and the proposition of Naselin that alleviates cold-induced blocked nose and subsequent sleep deprivation.

Cipla Health Ltd. has expanded its product portfolio with Naselin, a nasal decongestant spray that helps individuals get quick relief from a blocked nose caused by cold and allergy, which often results in disturbed sleep patterns, hampering overall productivity. 

Together, Naselin and Gaana have created the Subh Ratri playlist, which is a compilation of songs best associated with the sleep-inducing qualities of calmness and serenity. 

Nasal congestion

Taking cues from Gaana’s reports (15 lakhs+ listener base) indicating an active user base of 20%- 25% during the time frame 10 pm to 2 am, Naselin endeavours to provide respite to people grappling with nasal congestion. The playlist will compile a string of soulful and tranquil songs that can help listeners relax and fall asleep.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Cipla Health Ltd CEO Shivam Puri said it is a continuous endeavour to aid consumers with innovative solutions.

“We are delighted to partner with Gaana for the Shubh Ratri playlist. It’s a one-of-a-kind innovation that will directly reach consumers and provide them comfort in distress. The product caters to one of the most bothersome symptoms of the common cold – nasal congestion, and combines it with the Shubh Ratri playlist, making this a unique association,” said Cipla Health Ltd CEO Shivam Puri.

According to SleepFoundation.Org, there are many studies confirming that music is a great way to improve sleep hygiene. It aids the ability to fall asleep faster and feel more reposed.

Additionally, nasal congestion is a bothersome condition that disrupts the most basic physiological function i.e. breathing, causing uneasiness and irritability while trying to go about daily routines.

Happy sleep

Furthermore, difficulty in breathing gets worse while lying down, thus leading to heaviness in the head and stuffiness, both of which make falling asleep harder. Hence, to alleviate these symptoms, Naselin Nasal spray contains Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride, that helps to unblock the nasal passage in just 25 seconds  and also decongests the sinuses, leading to instant relief from congestion and a proper ‘happy sleep.’

Naselin Nasal spray is an OTC product available in a 10 ml bottle priced at Rs. 69.50 across medical stores in India and can also be purchased online through 1mg, Netmeds and Pharmeasy.

Naselin has also launched a TVC to highlight the discomfort caused due to nasal congestion and showcases the product as a saviour for those suffering from nasal congestion-related sleep deprivation.

Cipla Health Ltd. (CHL), the consumer healthcare subsidiary of Cipla Ltd. was founded in the year 2016, with a vision to become the most preferred consumer healthcare brand in India. With an already vast customer-base, the company believes in consistent innovation, and aims to make a difference to the consumer’s everyday life.

CHL offers a folio of diverse brands, including Nicotex, Cofsils, ActivKids, Prolyte, Mamaxpert, Maxirich, Clocip, Naselin & Ciphands among others. Naselin is a Nasal Decongestant containing Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride which helps in quick relief from blocked nose & relief of sinus congestion, thus providing you a wider area of relief.

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