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Highest and lowest protection rates revealed for 17 popular consumer Internet Security Products on Windows 10

Bengaluru, NFAPost: AV-Comparatives, an Independent ISO-certified security testing lab, has released the results of its 2020 H2 Consumer Real-World Protection and Speed Impact Test. Popular anti-malware programs for Microsoft Windows 10 from 17 different vendors were put through their paces.

Austrian based Cybersecurity Test Institute AV-Comparatives release Speed Impact Test

Detailed Results of the test are accessible here:
Real-World Protection Test July to October 2020

Performance (Speed-Impact) Test

“Protecting the consumers’ PC against cybercrime is an important task. Weddingphotos, documents, data must be protected. Alongside internet security software doing backups and updates is essential.” – Peter Stelzhammer, co-founder AV-Comparatives

The tested products had to defend against over 750 recent and prevalent malicious programs, downloaded from the Internet and show if they slow down the Windows 10 machine. They were assigned one of four possible award categories, according to how well they performed in the test. From lowest to highest, the categories are: Tested, Standard, Advanced, and Advanced+.

Leading Internet Security Suites put to test

The Consumer Real-World Protection Test checks each security product’s ability to protect a PC against threats originating on the Internet. The tested products can use all of their protection mechanisms, such as URL blockers, reputation services, cloud signatures, and behavioural detection.

The Performance Test evaluates the impact of anti-virus software on system performance, as programs running in the background – such as real-time protection antivirus software – use some percentage of system resources. Taking these tests as reference, users can evaluate their anti-virus software in terms of system speed (system performance).

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To ensure that the anti-malware programs do not plague the user with false alarms, a false-positive test is included in the Real-World Protection Test. This involves downloading and executing harmless program files, and browsing harmless websites, to check if any of these are incorrectly identified as malicious. Products with above-average levels of false alarms have their award level downgraded.

The Consumer Real-World Protection Test is part of AV-Comparatives’ Main Test Series for consumer products. The Test Series also includes the Malware Protection Test and the Performance Test. The former checks the ability of antivirus products to protect against malicious files already on the system, or coming from an external drive or over the local area network. The Performance Test determines the ability to thoroughly scan the system memory, registry entries, and system files while also detecting malware infection in the shortest possible time.

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