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It will help in delivering cloud-powered, cognitive-first managed services for IT operations

Infosys Cobalt amplifies platform’s ability to create sentient, resilient and business-aligned IT landscapes

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, launched Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform to help organizations run their IT portfolios as engines driving intuitive decisions, building responsive value chains, and delivering perceptive experiences for the business.

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The open, end-to-end managed services platform for IT operations, from transition to transformation, delivers value by:

  1. Setting up a business command center to act as the digital brain, unifying and analyzing input from disparate IT tools and processes to drive zero-touch, zero-latency IT support and maintenance services
  2. Probing for insights and root causes of process friction, poor experience and disruptions, to build sentient and seamless experience journeys
  3. Applying conversational AI and cognitive automation to enable self-service, improve efficiency and reliability of agile operations
  4. Taking a business process KPI-led view of operations aligned with business objectives

Tyson Foods Vice President, IT Delivery as a Service Doug Kulka said the company selected Infosys, based on the promise of efficiencies that the Live Enterprise Application Management Platform brings for the digital transformation of Tyson Foods’ enterprise value chain.

“The speed and scale of new technology presents a huge opportunity for us and we are keen to drive a more rapid embrace of technology to sharpen our competitive edge,” said Tyson Foods Vice President, IT Delivery as a Service Doug Kulka.

Cloud capabilities

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform, amplified by the cloud capabilities brought in by Infosys Cobalt, helps enterprises accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, rationalize and manage their IT portfolio, embrace digital applications driven by microservices architecture and adopt cloud and IIOT faster.

Infosys Executive Vice President Shaji Mathew said the company’s clients are looking to create the enterprise IT and application landscape they need to respond to disruptive opportunities and threats coming their way in an increasingly complex digital world.

Partner ecosystem

“Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform is helping them reimagine their application management strategy and realize their vision of a sentient, responsive enterprise,” said Infosys Executive Vice President Shaji Mathew

Enterprises that run on Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform tap into the full potential of the Infosys partner ecosystem for best-of-breed commercial off the shelf ITSM and ITOM products as well as enterprise grade open source software, along with proprietary Infosys tools.

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