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The investment will be used to grow Sales, Marketing & Engineering
The firm will focus on expanding its Product offering
Serves over 1900 agencies in India, US, Europe, Australia & South-East Asia

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Clientjoy, the Ahmedabad based SaaS platform, raised $800K in Series A funding from GVFL (Gujarat Venture Finance Limited), an early stage venture capital firm. 

Launched in 2019, by 4 entrepreneurs, Clientjoy offers Client Life-Cycle Management Software for modern agencies, services companies and freelancers to manage Leads, Proposals, Clients, Invoicing and Revenues under a single roof. In its initial journey, the company was funded and supported by other angel investors and CIIE –a startup incubator established by IIM Ahmedabad.

Speaking on the announcement, Clientjoy co-founder & CEO Yash Shah said Clientjoy is excited about the funding from GVFL as it comes at a time when the venture is looking to scale and grow. 

Manage client

“Today, Agencies & freelancers have to devote significant time and resources just to manage clients, since client management happens across multiple tools and platforms and. They have no idea about either the bottlenecks or growth enablers, because most of the data is not captured and even that which is, is spread across various platforms. Clientjoy addresses and solves this issue. The investment will be used to grow the company’s sales, marketing and engineering to expand it’s product offering,” said Clientjoy co-founder & CEO Yash Shah.

CIIE Board Member Chintan Antani said as early investors CIIE has seen Yash & his team grow over the years and establish Clientjoy (earlier known as Gridle) in the market, through sustained efforts on product development and customer engagement.

“Given the pandemic, recent developments in the SaaS for productivity & client management tools market have been encouraging and Clientjoy is at an inflection point in their journey. Their unique blend of team experience with a razor-sharp focus on customer problems would help them capture a decent market going forward. We wish them the best,” said CIIE Board Member Chintan Antani

Reinforcing the view, GVFL President Mihir Joshi said GVFL is excited to partner with Clientjoy that has been at the forefront of digital SaaS workflow management tools for enterprises, freelancers and agencies.

Remarkable innovation

“Over the years, the team has shown remarkable innovation in onboarding marquee clients both in India and abroad. Businesses are realising the importance and functionality of digital enterprise collaboration in the current crisis of Covid-19. We expect that client management tools and platforms like Clientjoy to play an even bigger role in organisations post this current crisis and businesses to become more open for digital enterprise collaboration,” said GVFL President Mihir Joshi.

Currently Clientjoy serves over 1900 Agencies in Digital Marketing, IT-Service and Design Agency verticals across US, India, Europe, Australia and South-east Asia.

Clientjoy offers Client Life-Cycle Management Software for freelancers and agencies. The software allows freelancers and agencies to manage their clients right from Leads to Proposals/Contracts to Project Management to Client Support to Invoicing and Revenue realisation.

Everything interaction with a client happens in one single place. Clientjoy (earlier known as Gridle) was founded by 3 long-time friends who used to run their own agency and encountered issues in their client collaboration. 

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