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Bengaluru, NFAPost; ShareChat, India’s largest Indian social media platform, announced that ithas partnered with Audible Magic, the leading provider of rights management and automatic content recognition (ACR) solutions.

ShareChat chose Audible Magic for its comprehensive reference registry containing over 40 million registered works representing global and local music from across the world. Audible Magic is considered the gold standard for content identification and will enable ShareChat to proactively address both licensed and misuses of copyright media.

“With a growing community of users and the large volume of fresh new content created every day, ensuring copyright protection is an important goal at ShareChat,” said

Expressing happiness over the development, ShareChat director Berges Y. Malu with the addition of Audible Magic’s audio fingerprinting technology and their expertise in automatic content recognition solutions, the company looks forward to a partnership that will help us achieve our goal.

ShareChat is a first of its kind language-focused social platform for emerging markets with more than 15 languages currently supported. With a community of more than 160 million monthly active users who generate almost 2 million content posts daily, the platform is the largest repository of Indian language content.

Every month, Audible Magic searches billions of files looking for copyright content registered by over 140,000 record labels and music publishers. Its comprehensive reference registry contains tens of millions of registered works representing music from over 150 territories, with hundreds of thousands of new tracks added each month. Search results operate on files as short as five seconds and typically complete in one second or less, with virtually zero false positives, which is key to scaling, automating, and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Audible Magic president and chief executive officer Vance Ikezoye said the company is pleased to help ShareChat proactively identify authorized and unauthorised use of copyrighted music.

“ShareChat is a great example of a platform that strives to be a good partner with the music industry,” said Audible Magic president and chief executive officer Vance Ikezoye.

For more than 20 years, Audible Magic has innovated solutions to identify content, manage rights, and monetize media. Audible Magic’s Emmy-winning automatic content recognition (ACR) technology powers billions of transactions monthly.

The Silicon Valley pioneer is the trusted intermediary among rightsholders (including labels, studios, distributors, publishers, and collectives) and major platforms. For more information, visit

ShareChat is a leading Indian social media platform that allows users to share their opinions, record their lives and make new friends – all within the comfort of their native language. Spearheading India’s internet revolution, ShareChat is changing the way in which the next billion users will interact on the internet. For more information, download the ShareChat app from the Google Play Store or visit

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