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Mumbai, NFAPost: Directionless preparation, lack of practice and repeated mistakes are the topmost reasons for not clearing UPSC Prelims examination. To solve these pain points, SprintUPSC has launched India’s First Bi-Lingual Platform for UPSC test preparation with high-quality practice questions for UPSC aspirants.

The platform has over 12,000 questions covering 230+ topics and 35+ books, including NCERTs, in both English and Hindi. It can be accessed via Android and iOS apps or via Web application.

The founding members of the startup are a group of technocrats including Simranjit Singh, Arshdeep Bahga and Amit Sareen. Simranjit Singh has over 13 years of experience in teaching for civil services and state services examination. Arshdeep Bahga has worked as a research scientist at a top US university and has to his credit several technology patents, research publications and books. Amit Sareen has over 10 years’ experience in software design & development for Fortune 500 companies.

Unique methodology

SprintUPSC aims to revolutionise the UPSC test series market. UPSC aspirants no longer have to depend on fixed IAS test series which are not very effective to improve candidate’s performance. Through a unique methodology that is based on the five pillars of Prepare, Practice, Adapt, Collaborate and Gamify, SprintUPSC is all set to help candidates crack UPSC Prelims in the first attempt.

SprintUPSC allows aspirants to practice by creating real-time tests book chapter or topic wise. This is to ensure that aspirants can practice as per their own study plan and practicing questions becomes part of their daily habit.

Aspirants can adapt their preparation strategy based on feedback from a state-of-the-art analytics engine which keeps track of their performance using advanced metrics such as coverage, accuracy, and performance score. Furthermore, the platform guides the aspirants on exactly where they are lagging and how to overcome their shortcomings in those areas.

Also, aspirants can earn rewards for correct answers and referrals. The reward points can later be redeemed in numerous ways such as cashback or discount coupons.

The founding team is supported by industry experts such as Harshpreet Singh, Nitin Monga and Gaurav Kochhar who have decades of experience in the education and technology sector. Several senior IAS/IFS officers and industry leaders are on the advisory board. SprintUPSC has also raised a seed round of funding from HNI and angel investors.

Personalised practice

Elaborating on their vision, SprintUPSC Co-flunder Simranjit Singh said the startup aims to offer a personalised practice experience that no other platform does currently.

We make it available by not only showing the road but also help the aspirants walk on it,” said SprintUPSC Co-flunder Simranjit Singh expressing happiness over the venture’s success.

Adding on to that, SprintUPSC Co-founder Arshdeep Bahga said through a combination of innovative patent-pending technologies and original high-quality content developed by subject experts, SprintUPSC envisions to pave a unique and enjoyable way by means of which the civil service aspirants can prepare and practice efficiently for the UPSC Prelims examination.

To solve these pain points, SprintUPSC has desinged an engaging and analytics-driven test platform with high-quality content for UPSC aspirants. With over 12,000 questions covering 230+ topics and 35+ books, including NCERTs, SprintUPSC is the only practice platform you need for clearing UPSC Prelims.

Students can practice by creating real-time tests either by selecting subjects and corresponding topics, or by selecting subjects and corresponding books and chapters. They can also create an entire test plan as per your own learning schedule.

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