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Winvesta offers 900 ETFS and 2200 stocks exclusively for Indian investors

Invest in popular global ETFs such as SPDR S&P 500 ETF, Invesco QQQ ETF (Nasdaq 100), and SPDR Gold Shares ETF, stocks such as Amazon, Tesla, Berkshire Hathaway, Facebook, and Google, etc. at the click-of-a-button

Mumbai, NFAPost: UK headquartered leading new-age wealth-tech platform, Winvesta is helping Indians in their overseas investments as it is fast gaining pace in the country with increasing number of investors, especially millennial, exploring investments into US markets for portfolio diversification.

In its bid to provide the Indian investors with better access to global markets, wealth-tech platform Winvesta now enables investments in over 3000 US Stocks, ETFs and Bonds through its platform. The new additions include 900 ETFs that serve as pre-constructed portfolios for investors.

For the first-time ever, Indian investors can now take exposure in over 3000 popular US stocks and ETFs such as Apple, Google, SPDR S&P 500 ETF, and Vanguard Bond ETF, with no upfront costs, annual maintenance fee, or commissions.

Top 5 US Stocks on Winvesta:

Sr. No.Stock1 year return3 year return5 year return

Source: Winvesta, Yahoo Finance. Returns are in USD.

Top 5 ETFs on Winvesta:

Sr. No.ETF1 year return3 year return5 year return

Source: Winvesta, Yahoo Finance. Returns are in USD.

Commenting on the newfound boom in overseas investment, Winvesta’s Co-founder Prateek Jain said the new set of stocks and ETFs have been made available to our investors under the same Free Plan which is available for all existing customers.

“This addition makes Winvesta the first and only platform in India where our clients can create a diverse international portfolio without paying any upfront platform costs or even individual brokerage costs,” said Winvesta’s Co-founder Prateek Jain.

The US stock market is the world’s largest and most liquid stock market. In the last decade, the US markets outperformed their Indian counterparts by over 200% in Rupee terms. Till recently, access to US markets had been complicated and expensive.

Regulated platform

Winvesta has changed that with its FCA regulated platform that is democratizing overseas investing. It is the only registered international broker that has purpose-built a platform for Indian clients with its partner DriveWealth, LLC a FINRA registered broker-dealer.

Winvesta Founder and Chief Executive Officer Swastik Nigam said Winvesta has kept the clients at the centre of building the platform.

“Thus, we have chosen a very clear framework to provide our clients the platform they deserve. We recognize a need for a simple and affordable solution that provides Indian investors with the flexibility to diversify their investment portfolio securely. Winvesta is establishing itself as a complete solution for overseas investing,” said Winvesta Founder and Chief Executive Officer Swastik Nigam.

Finance professionals

The new additions of stocks, ETFs and bonds are over 20X more than the earlier available pool of investment options on Winvesta. The company is extremely bullish on India and envisages to take several steps in order to democratise overseas investing in the country.

Winvesta is a new-age wealth-tech start-up offering Indians a platform to invest overseas. It is built by a team of finance professionals each with over a decade of experience in global financial services. Their core belief is that diversification, consistency and low transaction costs are the keys to build an efficient portfolio.

Diversification for Indian investors has long been limited to domestic instruments. Investing overseas has been difficult and expensive. Winvesta is changing that by bringing global investing to the finger-tips of every Indian investor. For further information, please visit

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