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Bengaluru, NFAPost: India’s premium technology aggregator iValue InfoSolutions announced its collaboration with SecurityAdvisor Technologies for broader customer requirement.

Besides reporting of security outcomes and targeting personalised, contextual, real time security awareness coaching to end users, the partnership envistages a focus on providing security solutions. iValue manages and optimises digital assets and provides security checkups, vulnerability assessment and threat intel services to protect digital assets.

The partnership of these two companies is not only meant to enhance the security features of their customer base, but also to aid in creating security awareness for the most at risk end-users and closing the human gateway for threat actors to go after sensitive data.

People and process

Commenting on the partnership, iValue InfoSolution Chief Growth Officer Harsh Marwah said People, Process and Technology have been the core and consistent pillars of cybersecurity since its inception back in the late 1980s.

“While huge investments have been made on the technology front, followed by process improvisation from time to time, focus & investment on People has not been in-line with the threat associated with them. Amateurs hack systems and professionals hack people,” said iValue InfoSolution Chief Growth Officer Harsh Marwah.

Expressing happiness over the partnership, iValue InfoSolution Chief Growth Officer Harsh Marwah said iValue partnership with “SecurityAdvisor” will introduce the versatile, comprehensive and scalable platform to evaluate, access, train and continuously measure readiness of people in the enterprises to effectively fight and win against potential cyber threats and attack.

For more than a decade now, iValue InfoSolutions has been focusing on diverse aspects of security. iValue’s broad range of services also includes security audits and forensic assessments, and security infrastructure assessment, architecture, design and engineering.

Multidisciplinary approach

This multidisciplinary approach across verticals with technical expertise across 100+ brands in DNA area for design, sizing, POC, deployment, integration and optimisation allows iValue to not just understand the security needs of the organization, but also help them in finding the right solution helping them adapt to the changing cyber milieu.

Commenting on the partnership, SecurityAdviosr Co-founder and CEO Sai Venkataraman said SecurityAdvisor focuses on detecting teachable moments for specific users and provides personalised security awareness education for each user, department and organization.

“Just as importantly we deliver measurable results like a 30-50% reduction in malware or a 90% drop in users clicking on phishing emails,” said SecurityAdviosr Co-founder and CEO Sai Venkataraman.

SecuityAdvisor Technologies believes that to develop an effective group or cultural cybersecurity model, organizations must leverage an individual cybersecurity behavior model. Knowing hackers leverage human cognitive biases to get users to make cyber security errors, such as clicking on fraudulent links or falling victim to malicious emails, it’s imperative that end-users learn to combat these biases.

Cybersecurity behaviour

Various factors influence the cybersecurity behaviour of an individual employee, but when fortified, the collective cybersecurity behaviour of all employees can build an organization’s cybersecurity culture.

Giving insights on the partnership, iValue InfoSolutions Services Business Head Jagannathan K said people are the soft and easy target for hackers, and they have become the primary threat vector.

“They can be the first line of defence and reduce security incident provided they are given customized, personalized, engaging, easy to consume training at the right time. This will change the behaviour of people and help organizations to build a cyber immune culture,” said iValue InfoSolutions Services Business Head Jagannathan K.

iValue InfoSolutions Services Business Head Jagannathan K pointed out that the company has partnered with SecurityAdvisor, which has vast training catalogue, integration with security and IT tools and AI-based behavioural management platform to enable organisations to build cyber immune culture with a measurable outcome.

Benefits to partners

“I am excited about the partnership and the benefits it can bring to the partners and customers,” said iValue InfoSolutions Services Business Head Jagannathan K.

By analysing a set of data from various verticals, SecuityAdvisor offers four solutions/services that help in protecting the organisations and its employees from cyber threats.

Employee Risk Assessment: SecurityAdvisor has a proprietary analytics engine that leverages the data organizations already have. With the data collected by the existing security products they identify and visualize the top 5 human risks and recommend tailored security awareness programs for the organization and its employees.

Phishing Stimulation: SecurityAdvisor has a novel phishing simulation solution that allows organizations to simulate and attack end users.

Contextual Coaching for Employees: Every organization has 5% of users who account for over 90% of the security risk. SecurityAdvisor identifies the high risk users and targets them with personalized messages. It has a proprietary and patented AI engine that identifies unique teachable moments for each employee and delivers bite-sized tips for each of these moments.

Security Outcomes Reporting and Visualization: SecurityAdvisor provides the customers with a complete understanding of their organization’s security posture, through result driven reports that focus on real-world outcomes, not a fake phishing click rate. The analytics-based approach focuses on leading real-world outcomes that impact organizations the most.

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