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Bengaluru, NFAPost: KleinVision’s first commercially viable flying sports-car has successfully completed its maiden test flight at Piestany Airport in Slovakia while reaching a breath-taking altitude of 1,500 feet in a matter of minutes.

The Slovakian firm behind this spellbinding creation has eventually succeeded in transforming the fifth prototype of AirCar into an airplane with wings, which is set for a commercial release in 2021. It is expected to face stiff competition from the likes of PAL-V Liberty, the world’s first commercial flying car sporting a dual engine.

The prototype is expected to undergo further trials to achieve a massive range of 620 miles (approx. 1,000 Km) in a single test run. Powered by a BMW 1.61 engine at its core, the AirCar packs a full-fledged aviation system onboard, including retractable wings, folding tail fins and parachute deployment system.

Its aerodynamic frame supports enough leg room for 2 to 4 passengers, depending upon the model (2-seater or 4-seater). KleinVision’s proposed amphibious variant is also in the works, which aims to cater the adventurous and enthusiast segment.

The aerodynamic design of the sports car enables superior airlifting capabilities during the takeoff and better manoeuvrability while landing. The only challenging constraint is it requires a minimum runway length of 984 feet for takeoff.

The flying car transforms into a compact size with retractable tail fins while in automobile mode or amphibian mode. This could immensely help in maintaining body balance while navigating through massive water bodies with challenging high-tidal waves.

There is still no word on the pricing strategy for the proposed commercial variants. The AirCar, however, is almost certain to hit the roads and skies in 2021, following the necessary permits and legal approval.

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