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Street vendor from Agra Preeti explains to PM on how Paytm Soundbox helped her

The pioneer of India’s QR revolution Paytm introduced soundbox so that merchants never miss a payment again

Available in regional languages, connects with the mobile sim and requires no wi-fi

Empowers hawkers & kiranas with secure digital payments, to deploy 10 lakh devices by March 2021

Bengaluru, NFAPost: India’s leading digital financial services platform Paytm announced that it will deploy 10 lakh Paytm Soundbox by the end of this fiscal year.

The company that pioneered QR payments in the country launched this IoT device that empowers merchants with instant voice confirmation so that they don’t miss a payment.

This confirmation can be received in the language of one’s choice, thereby bringing more transparency to the whole experience of digital transactions.

Paytm has already empowered over 2 lakh street hawkers, kiranas and merchants across the country with Paytm Soundbox.


The device comes with Paytm All-in-QR, enabling the merchants to accept unlimited payments at zero percent fees directly into their bank account.

As soon as a transaction is completed, the Soundbox confirms the total amount received against a purchase. The device comes with a SIM card and can operate without any wi-fi connection. There are several easy payment plans which the merchant can choose from.  

The positive impact of various Paytm’s technology revolutions on the lives of small merchants and hawkers was clearly visible during a recent interaction of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with a woman fruit-seller.

When Preeti from Agra was asked about the device placed on her cart, she confidently displayed the Paytm All-in-One Soundbox explaining how it helped her to accept digital payments and get confirmation instantly. She said, “Achaa hai na? Saamne Waala Paagal Nahi banaa Sakta”. (“It’s good no? No one can make a fool of me”).

Empower merchants

Paytm Vice President Narendra Yadav said Paytm is the pioneer of India’s QR revolution and we constantly strive to empower the grassroots of the country with robust digital payment solutions that help them become part of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

“Paytm Soundbox ensures that everyone starting from small shopkeepers & street hawkers to MSMEs never miss a digital payment and confidently complete transactions. In the future, this device will become an access point to multiple services for our merchant partners,” said Paytm Vice President Narendra Yadav.

Besides the All-in-One Soundbox, Paytm has launched a series of IoT devices to accelerate the growth of the digital payment ecosystem in the country. The All-in-One POS, All-in-One QR, Dynamic QR, Paytm for Business App, Business Khata, among others are helping more merchants from smaller cities & towns to join Digital India movement.

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