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●        Cloud based video creation platform

●        More than 800,000 users across 150 countries to date

Bengaluru, NFAPost: InVideo, the modern video creation platform that allows users to create high-quality videos for any form of digital media, announced a $15M Series A led by Sequoia Capital India. The round also includes participation from Tiger GlobalHummingbirdRTP Global and Base.

InVideo offers an intuitive, yet full-featured video creation experience for amateurs and professionals alike. The platform combines video editing and compositing in a browser first solution, increasing accessibility, removing rendering time, shortening feedback loops, and making the process more inclusive.

Since launching a year ago, the platform has over 800,000 users from more than 150 countries who have created videos in over 75 languages. InVideo is a freemium product with paid plans starting at $10/mo. The funding will help accelerate product development and build out InVideo’s collaborative, cross device video creation suite.

InVideo was launched in April 2019 by Sanket Shah and Harsh Vakharia who first worked together on a startup that created 10-minute video summaries of nonfiction books and have also spent time building an enterprise grade video creation suite for newsrooms.

Readymade templates

They understand how painful the video creation process is and how most solutions in the market were inflexible and boxed the creator into readymade templates. They founded the company in response to this problem. InVideo now counts household names such as P&G, Dropbox, Reuters and ATT as users.

InVideo CEO and co-founder Sanket Shah said making professional quality videos is hard and InVideo is set to change that.

“We have a single goal: to replace the current crop of cumbersome and expensive video editing software with an intelligent, yet flexible platform.  InVideo cuts the time to create a professional quality video by over 90%, and allows the creator to focus on impact and message. InVideo’s vibrant creator community from across the globe is a testimony to the capabilities of our platform,” said InVideo CEO and co-founder Sanket Shah.

InVideo is a browser first video editing platform. In building InVideo, we are pushing browsers to the limit when it comes to handling rich media, animations and time. It’s an exciting and difficult technology problem to solve.

Capital injection

“This fresh capital injection will allow us to continue our mission to build a world-class technology solution, expand at scale and help more individuals and businesses create unique videos that fit their needs in the easiest way possible,” InVideo CEO and co-founder Sanket Shah

Sequoia Capital India LLP Vice President Prateek Sharma said from the time of Surge 02, Sanket and Harsh have impressed with their maniacal obsession with customer experience – and this shows through in their product choices and consistently high NPS.

“We believe the global SaaS companies of tomorrow are going to be built from India. And with their stellar product, design and tech capabilities, InVideo is well-placed to become the platform of choice for video creation in a potentially $10 billion market,” added Sequoia Capital India LLP Vice President Prateek Sharma.

InVideo believes that the future of video creation is in the browser, across devices, collaborative and easy. They are re-thinking the video stack from the ground up and making content creation as frictionless as possible. The company currently employs 80 people from across the world.

InVideo is part of the no-code/no-skill movement and allows amateurs and professionals alike to create high-quality video content in minutes. InVideo has close to 800,000 users to date across more than 150 countries who have created videos in over 75 languages.

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