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To connect Delhi & Ahmedabad with Muscat

Flights to Muscat will operate under the India-Oman air bubble agreement 

To connect Delhi with Kandla; Bookings open

New Delhi, NFAPost: SpiceJet, the country’s favourite airline, today announced the launch of 62 new domestic and international flights.

The airline will operate non-stop flights on the Ahmedabad-Muscat-Ahmedabad and Delhi-Muscat-Delhi sectors from October 21, 2020 under the air bubble agreement with Oman.

SpiceJet also announced the launch of 58 new domestic flights thereby further strengthening its domestic network. SpiceJet will be first and only Indian carrier to launch flights on Delhi-Kandla-Delhi sector.

The airline is also introducing flight services on Ahmedabad-Goa-Ahmedabad, Goa-Hyderabad-Goa, Mumbai-Guwahati-Mumbai, Ahmedabad-Kolkata-Ahmedabad, Delhi-Durgapur-Delhi, Hyderabad-Mumbai-Hyderabad, Kochi-Kolkata–Kochi, Pune-Chennai-Pune, Madurai-Delhi-Madurai and Mangalore-Delhi-Mangalore sectors.

SpiceJet will enhance its operations with additional frequencies on the Kolkata–Bagdogra–Kolkata (2nd frequency), Delhi–Varanasi–Delhi (2nd frequency), Bengaluru–Patna (2nd frequency), Delhi-Dharmshala-Delhi (2nd frequency), Delhi–Kolkata–Delhi (3rd frequency), Bengaluru-Kolkata (3rd frequency) besides a few other sectors as well. The airline will deploy a mix of its Boeing 737 and Bombardier Q400 aircraft on all these routes.

Commenting on the company’s decision to expand its operation, SpiceJet Chief Commercial Officer Shilpa Bhatia said as the company is slowly returning back to normalcy and there is a continued improvement in demand, SpiceJet is delighted to launch 62 new flights on our domestic and international network which will provide customers with multiple travel options.

“Besides connecting Muscat with flight from Delhi and Ahmedabad, we will be the first and only Indian carrier to launch flights on the Delhi-Kandla-Delhi sector. We are confident of seeing very good demand on all the routes we have announced,” said SpiceJet Chief Commercial Officer Shilpa Bhatia.

SpiceJet is celebrating the launch of its new flights by announcing introductory all-inclusive starting fares of INR 6,839 on Ahmedabad-Muscat, INR 9,019 on Muscat-Ahmedabad, INR 9,798 on Delhi-Muscat and INR 8,805 on Muscat-Delhi sectors.

Bookings are now open on, SpiceJet’s mobile app and through online travel portals and travel agents.

Schedule of new flights:

International flights:

Flight NumberOriginDestinationDepartureArrivalFrequencyEffective DateStarting fare 
SG 197DelhiMuscat22:3000:354, 722-Oct-20INR 9,798/-
SG 199MuscatDelhi01:3506:151, 523-Oct-20INR 8,805/-
SG 190AhmedabadMuscat22:1523:153, 621-Oct-20INR 6,839/-
SG 189MuscatAhmedabad00:1504:154, 722-Oct-20INR 9,019/-

*All timings are as per local standard time

Domestic flights:

Flight NumberOriginDestinationDepartureArrivalFrequencyEffective Date
SG 244AhmedabadGoa13:1015:001, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 244AhmedabadGoa18:4020:202, 4, 610-Oct-20
SG 245GoaAhmedabad16:4018:401, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 245GoaAhmedabad20:5022:452, 4, 610-Oct-20
SG 250MumbaiBagdogra06:0008:451, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 251BagdograMumbai09:2512:401, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 287DelhiBagdogra05:4507:501, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 288BagdograDelhi08:2010:251, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 2348DelhiKandla12:4014:55DAILY10-Oct-20
SG 2349KandlaDelhi15:2517:40DAILY10-Oct-20
SG 3566KolkataBagdogra15:3016:10DAILY10-Oct-20
SG 3567BagdograKolkata16:5017:45DAILY10-Oct-20
SG 3717GoaHyderabad14:5516:30DAILY10-Oct-20
SG 3718HyderabadGoa13:0014:25DAILY10-Oct-20
SG 295DelhiVaranasi6:107:301, 4, 5, 711-Oct-20
SG 296VaranasiDelhi8:059:351, 4, 5, 711-Oct-20
 SG 257MumbaiVaranasi14:1516:302,4,6,712-Oct-20
SG 258VaranasiMumbai17:1019:352,4,6,712-Oct-20
SG 783MumbaiGuwahati6:209:45DAILY12-Oct-20
SG 784GuwahatiMumbai10:2513:35DAILY12-Oct-20
SG 259DelhiKolkata12:3014:201, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 260KolkataDelhi15:1017:451, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 285DelhiGuwahati17:3020:05DAILY12-Oct-20
SG 286GuwahatiDelhi20:4523:25DAILY12-Oct-20
SG 240MumbaiKolkata09:0011:401, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 249KolkataMumbai12:3015:201, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 242AhmedabadKolkata06:1008:451, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 243KolkataAhmedabad09:2512:151, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 503ChennaiKolkata06:5009:101, 3, 512-Oct-20
SG 504KolkataChennai09:4512:05

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