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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Zoom declared working on making its video conferencing platform even better and attractive among its enterprise customers and consumers. Alongside, Zoom also revealed some new features that shall be a part of its platform in a near few months.

MSPower user blamed that a few of the features that were going to shine on Zoom, were actually a part of Microsoft. Microsoft had way before announced the features that are copied by Zoom. Together mode v/s Immersive scenes: The feature was first announced in July by Microsoft under the name Together Mode.

Immersive scenes will allow the host to set a custom background theme for their meetings or create layouts where participant videos are embedded within a scene that everyone shares, like a classroom or courtroom.

Audio element

Live Reactions v/s/ New meeting reactions & animations: New animated reactions to make nonverbal communication more noticeable and fun, will be seen in Zoom. These animations will also include an audio element (e.g. sound of clapping). Microsoft had already announced this feature in July in the name of Live Reactions,

Meeting Recap v/s/ Recording Highlights: Zoom cloud recording, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, will be able to extract key insights from the user’s recording transcripts and make it easy to review the meeting highlights, without having to watch the entire recording. A similar feature, Meeting recap was announced by Microsoft last month.

After a meeting gets over in Microsoft Teams, a recap with the meeting recording, transcript, chat, shared files, and more will be automatically created. The recap can also be accessed in Outlook calendar by going to the meeting event.

Breakout Rooms-Teams v/s Breakout Rooms: Breakout Rooms will be soon added to Zoom Video Webinars, announced Zoom. As per the feature, the attendees can connect and network in smaller interactive groups within the webinar session. In September, Microsoft had announced Breakout Rooms for Teams. A meeting organizer can split up participants into smaller groups based on the requirement. And presenters can hop between breakout rooms, make announcements to all breakout rooms, and close the rooms to return everyone to the main meeting.

Multiple application

Zapps: Zoom has announced apps that can help to improve productivity and create more engaging experiences, Zapps. No more switching between multiple applications on the desktop.

At the Inspire conference in July, Microsoft announced a new way for partners to extend the Microsoft Teams meeting experience with their apps and services. Developers and independent software vendors can now bring their apps directly within the Teams meeting experience as a new tab in Teams meetings, as well as new side panel and real-time notification capabilities.

Well, most of the new features of Zoom seem to be inspired by Microsoft Teams announcements in the past 6 months. A Tug-of-war between Microsoft v/s Zoom will be to watch out for!

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