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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Cloudera has taken over Austin, TX based Eventador. It is a provider of cloud-native services for enterprise-grade stream processing.

The acquired company was founded by Erik Beebe and Kenny Gorman in 2016 to address a fundamental business problem – make it simpler to build streaming applications built on real-time data. This typically involved a lot of coding with Java, Scala or similar technologies.

Eventador simplifies the process by allowing users to use SQL to query streams of real-time data without implementing complex code. We believe Eventador will accelerate innovation in our Cloudera DataFlow streaming platform and deliver more business value to our customers in their real-time analytics applications.

The DataFlow platform has gained a major position in the data streaming market by unlocking the combined value and synergies of Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka and Apache Flink. The company has recently delivered all three of these streaming capabilities as cloud services through Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Data Hub on AWS and Azure.

The next evolution of the data streaming platform is to deliver a seamless cloud-native DataFlow experience where users can focus on creating simple data pipelines that help ingest data from any streaming source, scale the data management with topics, and generate real-time insights by processing the data on the pipeline with an easy-to-use interface.

And, like all CDP data management and analytic cloud services, DataFlow will offer a consistent user experience on public and private clouds – for real hybrid cloud data streaming.

The Eventador technology’s ability to simplify access to real-time data with SQL, and their expertise in managed service offerings will accelerate DataFlow experience timelines and make DataFlow a richer streaming data platform that can address a broader range of business use cases.

With the addition of Eventador, Cloudera will be able to offer more customer value for real-time analytics use cases including:

Inventory optimization, predictive maintenance and a wide variety of IoT use cases for operations teams. Personalised promotions and customer 360 use cases for sales and marketing teams. Risk management and real-time fraud analysis for IT and finance teams.

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