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London, NFAPost: Global hospitality platform, Selina, along with top investors, aims to bring hospitality and mobility together by investing in the scooter-sharing company, LEO. In a shift move, the brand is building upon its commitment to provide guests with an enhanced and culturally-driven experience while staying at a Selina property.

The LEO business model is a revolutionary B2B platform that caters to the tourist service providers. LEO delivers access to unique content and mobility, enhancing the hotel experience and social interactions beyond the traditional hotel services.

This investment will enable Selina to expand the range of experiences they offer to guests while allowing LEO to leverage Selina’s vast global reach and tools necessary to scale their presence and grow their community.

Selina Co-Founder and CEO Rafael Museri said in Selina they realized that green and “open-air” transportation will replace traditional mobility options like busses, cars, trains.

Traditional transportation

“There are many reasons for this, but we know that many travelers, even more after this pandemic, have tighter budgets, and sometimes renting a car, is not an option. Also, in urban cities, people are less excited to use traditional transportation to get around. That’s why we decided to partner with LEO,” said Selina Co-Founder and CEO Rafael Museri.

Selina Co-Founder and CEO Rafael Museri said electric scooters will be available to Selina’s guest in our lobbies, giving them access to a truly culturally authentic experience that empowers them to learn and evolve as they explore the world.

“Kfir and Dror Ben Shushan LEO founders are big names in the micro-mobility landscape. For the past decade, they’ve implemented their vision in over 35 countries, while building global brand INOKIM and selling over 500.000 scooters. LEO is an evolution of their model. When I first saw their pilot with the Fattal Group in Eilat, I knew this was the beginning of a partnership that not only will enhance our guest experience but open the doors to a new chapter for micro-mobility and hospitality,” added Selina Co-Founder and CEO Rafael Museri.


Together with top investor Ron Zucherman and actor Lior Raz, Selina and LEO have come up with an experienced dream team that will create a long-term viable micro-mobility experience that generates value for their community of users and the world.

Selina plans to introduce LEO scooters into all its locations in the next two years. LEO will allow guests to access the scooter-sharing service when traveling the world, making it even easier to get around and explore areas of their destination they may not have been able to see before. LEO scooters will be available in Israel, Mexico, and Brazil by the end of the year.

LEO co-founder Kfir Ben Shooshan said the LEO brand values, and its success in delivering an experience beyond being ‘just’ another mobility solution, has brought Selina and LEO together in an exciting new fusion of new tourist hosting concepts that will redefine the global traveler experience.

“Just like the sharing economy has managed to disrupt entrenched industries across the world, micro-mobility represents another notable area for expansion of these services, now combine it with hospitality, and you will have endless possibilities,” said LEO co-founder Kfir Ben Shooshan.

Hospitality brand

This strategic partnership allows Selina to embrace the culture of their respective locations while staying true to Selina’s vision of offering unique experiences at the intersection of life, work, and travel.

For further information about Selina, please Selina is one of the world’s fastest-growing hospitality brands, blending beautifully-designed accommodation with coworking, recreation, wellness, and local experiences.

Custom-built for today’s nomadic traveler, Selina provides guests with a global infrastructure to seamlessly travel and work abroad. Founded in Latin America in 2015, each Selina property is designed in partnership with local artists, creators, and tastemakers, breathing new life into existing buildings in interesting locations worldwide — from urban cities to remote beaches and jungles. Selina currently operates 76 locations throughout Latin America, the USA, and Europe. For further information on Selina, visit or check out @selina on Instagram or Facebook.

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