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Agora Debuts First-of-Kind Experience Level Agreement, Agora RTE App Builder and Agora Extensions Marketplace

Bengaluru, NFA Post: Agora, Inc., a Real-Time Engagement (RTE) platform-as-a-service provider, announced during CEO Tony Zhao’s keynote address at the annual RTE2020 conference the creation of new tools and resources for developers who are interested in integrating Real-Time Engagement (RTE) technology into their web, mobile and desktop applications.

The Experience Level Agreement (XLA), Agora RTE App Builder and Agora Extensions Marketplace will not only help speed up the adoption of voice, video and streaming technology, they will provide developers with an unparalleled level of support and quality assurance.

Agora, Inc. Logo

In a recent customer survey conducted by Agora, 37% of respondents said they would be willing to pay more to stream live audio and video content over platforms that guarantee quality of experience. To meet this burgeoning customer need and a widespread demand for RTE, Agora’s roll-out of these new tools and resources couldn’t come at a better time.

RTE App Builder

Commenting on the development, Agora Chief Executive Officer Tony Zhao said Agora prides itself on being developer-friendly and customer-centric — and that’s not just a platitude.

“If there are actions we can take to make the adoption of RTE easier, we won’t hesitate to answer the call. Our new XLA, Agora RTE App Builder, and Agora Extensions Marketplace were made by and for developers to address day-to-day pain points and provide a network of support throughout their entire journey with us,” said Agora Chief Executive Officer Tony Zhao.

Agora invites developers to explore these new features and join the beta programs.

  • The Experience Level Agreement (XLA): The first-ever industry user experience agreement to guarantee performance beyond the typical platform availability or up time.  The four core KPIs that we will use for XLA are:
    • Channel Join Success Rate
    • Video Fluency  
    • Audio Fluency  
    • Transmission Latency

Agora is currently piloting XLA in select regions and will gradually roll out to more regions and customers.

  • Agora Extensions Marketplace: An ecosystem of state-of-the-art, pre-configured extensions from many of the Agora Technology Partners. Not only will the Extensions Marketplace create opportunity for the entire RTE ecosystem, but it will also make it easy for customers to easily enable different technologies like content moderation or face filters with ease by providing:
    • A simple, discoverable directory that will allow customers to learn about and activate various partner extensions right from Agora’s dashboard (early partner commitments include LearnCube, Banuba, TurboBridge, Spectrum Labs, and
    • Easy activation with a simple configuration wizard
    • Unified billing directly in the Agora Console

All partners with a compelling RTE technology are invited to visit to learn more and apply to be a launch partner.

  • Agora RTE App Builder: Agora’s no-code tools that allow anyone to create a production-ready RTE app with no coding required. It is free to all registered developers and comes with 10k free minutes each month, free developer support, and access to Agora Analytics, an industry-leading diagnostic and user insight tool. The Agora RTE App Builder features:
    • Quick deployment to iOS, Android, Web, MacOS, Windows, and Linux from the auto-generated codebase
    • Configurable features include chat, pre-call screen, cloud recording, PSTN dial in, and screen sharing
    • Customizable templates, color, and UI layout

The public beta of Agora RTE App Builder is available today at To learn more about Agora’s RTE technology, visit

Agora’s mission is to make Real-Time Engagement ubiquitous, allowing everyone to interact with anyone, in any application, anytime and anywhere. Agora’s platform provides developers simple, flexible, and powerful application programming interfaces, or APIs, to embed real-time video and voice engagement experiences into their applications.

Founded in 2013, the company came up with real-time voice and video solutions which were difficult and expensive to develop, requiring reliable multi-way transmission of large amounts of data across geographies and network operators, often resulting in significant data packet loss and slow response times.

Customisable APIs

Today the company’s Real-Time Engagement Platform provides developers with simple-to-use, customisable and widely compatible APIs to embed real-time video and voice into their applications without the need to build the infrastructure themselves.

Real-time data transmission is handled by our Software-Defined Real-Time Network (SD-RTN™) with more than 250 points of presence worldwide. Using sophisticated algorithms, SD-RTN™ continuously monitors and optimizes data transmission paths, minimizing latency and packet loss while enabling high-quality real-time engagement across millions of concurrent users.

The company has set its goal to empower every developer—whether working as a solo entrepreneur or part of a larger organization—to leverage Real-Time Engagement to create innovative products, elevate user experiences, differentiate themselves and build the applications of the future right now.

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