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Chennai, NFAPost: Financial services company Finway has decided to venture into the field of stock trading by joining hands with, a pioneer in systematic trading in India.

Unlike traditional mutual funds, deals in automated trading of stocks and derivatives with the help of algo trading strategies. A major upside to automated trading over other forms of stock trading is that it makes trading quite simple and hassle-free.

In manual trading, the trader has to constantly monitor the stock market for ups and downs – which means sacrificing comfort and staying focused all the time on the stock market. Such irrational impulses govern us all the time and force us to make choices that aren’t often in our best interest, the company said.

These are the major problems that seeks to address. By taking the help of ever-advancing computer software and diligently crafted trade algorithms, makes sure that the burden is lifted off from the trader’s shoulders.

Finway Founder and CEO Rachit Chawla said, “We are firm believers in innovation and providing the maximum value to the customers. During our existence as a financial services company, we have tried to consolidate the fragmented lending channel and we’ve brought transparency to the table as well.”

“As the next step towards the fulfillment of our dream of “empowering people financially”, we have started providing algorithmic trading services by tying up with, a company that is a pioneer of algorithmic trading in India,” he added. is a trading interface for all types of investors and traders. It entertains Retail customers, who would like to trade profitable strategies automatically, and it also accommodates strategy developers, who can put up their strategies that can be traded by others, and in turn, the strategy developers get monetary benefits.

Traders and investors can make a precise entry, exit, and money management rules in the automated trading systems. offers automation of complex trading strategies in Equity, Forex, and Derivative markets. co-founder Aseem Singhal said, “We are elated to have partnered with Finway and we’ll be working together towards achieving our mutual objective of providing financial independence to all individuals.”

“Our huge distribution network can be greatly leveraged to get this great product in the hand of the consumers. As contemporary time demands, getting a product for automated stock trading was imperative and hence the product and our association is in line with customers’ requirements,” he added.

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