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Bengaluru, NFAPost: As the post-Covid scenario changed the IT landscape, Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) announced the launch of Airtel Secure – a comprehensive suite of advanced cybersecurity solutions for business customers.

As businesses shift processes to cloud and digital platforms to serve their customers better, they are also encountering increasing incidents of sophisticated cyber-attacks that can come from anywhere and have the potential to severely disrupt operations.

India, which is now the world’s second largest internet market, ranks fifth globally when it comes to incidents of cyber-attacks and frauds. In fact, the Indian cyber security market is expected to cross $13 bn* by 2025.

Bharti Airel MD and CEO (India and South Asia) Gopal Vittal said Airtel constantly ask customers what more can the company can do to help them in their digital transformation journeys.

Network security

“Through these conversations, we have heard that cybersecurity is a critical requirement. Airtel Secure has been built to serve this need. It combines Airtel’s robust network security with cutting-edge solutions delivered through global partnerships so as to deliver end-to-end managed security services,” said Bharti Airel MD and CEO (India and South Asia) Gopal Vittal.

Bharti Airel MD and CEO (India and South Asia) Gopal Vittal also said with the incredible trust the company enjoys from customers the company believes that Airtel Secure will provide customers peace of mind, enable faster response times to potential threats and help protect their data so as to reduce business risk.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

As part of Airtel Secure, Airtel launched its state-of-the-art Security Intelligence Centre. Located in the National Capital Region the Airtel Security Intelligence Centre rates amongst the best in India with access to advanced technology and AI / ML tools to mitigate potential threats.

This facility will offer its tracking services to businesses of all sizes – from large enterprises to small and medium businesses on a 24/7 basis. For a virtual tour of the facility visit

Best-in-class Partnerships

From end point protection, email protection to cloud DDOS protection and more, Airtel Secure has created the most comprehensive portfolio through strategic partnerships with global leaders such as Cisco, Radware, VMWare, and Forcepoint.

Cisco: Airtel and Cisco today announced that they will jointly bring to market a wide range of cutting-edge security solutions that secure networks, endpoints, applications and the Cloud. These advanced security solutions will be available to businesses as well as government entities under Airtel Secure.

Commenting on the development, Cisco President and CEP Chuck Robbins said as India’s business fast-track their digital transformation, the partnership with Airtel is a vehicle for the company to help them secure their people and information in a simplified, cohesive manner.

Streamline operation

“Airtel will now be able to help customers streamline operations with integrated threat and security management through Cisco’s security portfolio. Delivered as managed security services (MSS), these offerings will benefit Airtel’s enterprise as well as small business customers, allowing customers to reduce their technology-capex investment and maximize efficiency,” said Commenting on the development, Cisco President and CEP Chuck Robbins.

Through the partnership with Cisco, Airtel will have access to advanced monitoring, analysis and investigation of malicious code and be able to protect people and information in an automated manner.

Airtel also unveiled a strategic partnership with Radware. Radware Ltd. is an American -Israeli provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud and software-defined data centers.

Through this partnership, the first global data scrubbing center in India has been set up to ensure threats to data and information is attacked and eliminated at the source in the country. This highly advanced facility is hosted by Airtel’s Nxtra Data in Chennai.

Customer footprint

Expressing happiness over the development, Radware President and CEO Roy Zisapel said Airtel’s comprehensive services and global customer footprint necessitate cloud security solutions that give their customers the flexibility, scalability, and visibility they need to grow.

“It will also protect their businesses, no matter where they are. The partnership is a natural fit,” said Radware President and CEO Roy Zisapel.

Airtel Secure is now available to over one million business customers of Airtel. Several companies, including Flipkart, Havell’s, Fidelity India and R-Systems, are already benefiting from Airtel Secure. With the trust that Airtel commands, the company is well positioned to tap this growing opportunity.

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