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Chennai, NFAPost: Global technology service firm Aspire Systems has launched the new and improved update of its Robotic Arm: 2.0 iPOT, an intelligent Point of Sale Operational Testing.

It helps in resolving automation challenges for testers, and to increase automation coverage to 90%, thereby, making manual testing redundant. It also gives retailers opportunities to enable faster time to market and reduce daily operational disruptions.

With this latest update Robotic Arm 2.0 iPOT, retail testers now have the capability to conduct complex EMV test cases on a much faster scale. With performance speed enhancements, iPOT can now handle 40 actions within an hour, reducing automation efforts from 2.5 days to 1.5 days for 250 EMV test cases (compared to its previous version Robotic Arm 1.0 iArm). This would normally take 10 days if completed manually.

iPOT has the ability to carry out different card actions including swiping, tapping, inserting, pin entry and signature on the pin pad device using its latest compact setup that is integrated with high endurance stepper motors. Its other features include handling two-pin pad devices for operations, accuracy to work for longer durations with its improved GUI that enables integration with advanced test automation tools.

“The Robotic Arm from Aspire is the culmination of many years of combined retail domain knowledge and experience from our testing experts. The propensity to perform speedy testing is the need of the hour and the recent update of iPOT effortlessly takes care of that with little to no human intervention,” said Aspire Systems Head of Testing and Test Automation Service Janakiraman Jayachandran.

The company currently has over 3,000 employees globally and operates across North America, Europe, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific.

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